“In the public gym, you have to face to taking shower and sharing mutual space with others. Some notices and etiquettes you should pay attention to in such area are as follows.”

Description: In the public gym

In the public gym

1.     You have to sit on the benches in changing rooms, or saunas without underwear  

The important problem is that you have to deal with “Bacteria”. Although gyms are, the humidity is a source of dangerous bacteria. According to a research by Professor Phillip Tierno, author of The Secret Life of Germs: he has studied a rag on a taxi, and found thousands of bacteria from sneezes, dungs and skin; a rag in a cinema bench contained Group B Streptococcus, bacteria in vaginal lubrication; in the gym there are bacteria causing pneumonia and the handles have a lot of bacteria causing skin diseases. Likewise, benches in changing room contain bacteria causing impetigo, skin infection, genital fungus or hives. The solution is that you should clean benches carefully before sitting on or if you go to the saunas, take a shower first.

2.     Changing tampon in public places

There is a reason explaining why the waste basket containing tampons are located in restroom: they want to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. Chemical compounds in those baskets will kill the bacteria. If this kind of basket is out of use, the air will be infected, and if untreated tampons are thrown to the toilet, they will cause a stuck problem. The hygiene staffs are trained to treat tampons to reduce the infection. Therefore, make sure that you put your tampons in right place to avoid polluting environment.    

3.     Naked in public places

You feel weird when being naked in public places because you are not confident in your body or you do not want to be observed by others? The solution is you must get accustomed to your body. You can try to be naked in front of a mirror at home and when you are familiar with it, you won’t be confused by naked woman in gyms. In case you are familiar with naked situation, don’t do anything out of control.

4.     Take too much space for stuff

There is such an easy solution: buy a small bag with small trays to contain all your stuffs. Whenever finishing using any of them, you should put it in the bag right away. This won’t take much space and you won’t lose your stuff. These bags have reasonable prices. In addition, if you meet someone who usually takes much space, don’t hesitate telling them about that. Waiting in a queue is irritating as well, so you can leave the shower room and use double shower gel to wash your body and hair quickly. With professional gel, you can wash your skin and get rid of make-up mask rapidly.

5.     Go to sauna when sick

Bacteria are born quickly in humid and tight environment, so your sickness will turn to be worse when you go to gym or sauna. Even when you catch a normal flu, your increasing heart beating can cause your infection and bronchitis. When entering a sauna, everything will be worse: your heart beats more rapidly; your body reacts and reduces temperatures by pumping more blood to skin, decreasing your blood pressure and causing vertigo. A simple solution: if you are sick, don’t go to gym. When you feel better, practice slowly and ensure a stable hydration process. Pay attention that all infection will be released into the air. And you may not know that person next to you is pregnant or has a weak immunity.

Description: In a sauna

In a sauna

6.     Taking shower without slippers

Always put slippers on whether your feet have fungus or not. The fungus bacteria in feet of gymnasts appear in humid environment. The popular symptoms are itching and chapped skins, rashes, wet toes then boils appear and skin is dry and scales shed. Slippers will separate your feet off fungus on the floor, and prevent diseases from going around. If you catch any of those symptoms, go to doctor and have an in-time treatment.

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