Teach 2-3-Year-Old Kids To Protect Themselves

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You can teach your kid to keep distant from stranger by giving appropriate tips.

Kids aging from 2 to 3 can’t distinguish whether a person is harmful or not. However, you should start teaching your kid to keep a safe distance from stranger with appropriate tips on how to deal with unfamiliar people.

Children are vulnerable.

Children are vulnerable.

Teach kids about self-defense against stranger

You have to teach your children to prevent people from abusing their bodies. Kids older than 2 years old know about almost their bodies. Thus, it’s not hard for to you teach them not to allow person to touch private part or their entire bodies.

Teach kids to be wary of suspicious people. Normally, a 3-or-4-year-old kid can remember relatives and there’re those who it may not know. For instance, you may show it people in the market you shop or in the park you play. To avoid scaring it away, it’s recommended to emphasize on that strangers are people we don’t know much about, thus the kid needs to both keep a distance from them and deny eating anything from them or follow them.

Many kids get into dilemma and don’t know how to face the problem.

Many kids get into dilemma and don’t know how to face the problem.

You may start teach your kids to keep distant from stranger by giving them appropriate solution in each situation when they face unfamiliar people.

Rule of dealing with strangers

Provide kids with some situation in which they may encounter stranger having bad intention or they may get lost. For example, in case you kid gets lost in the supermarket, teach it how to get to the payment counter and let the staff know it has got lost as well as stay there until parents return.

Show kids who is reliable

Aside from mom and dad, there’re grandparents and other trustworthy ones including teacher and police officers. You also need to teach kids how to recognize a staff in case they want some helps.

Avoid threatening precautions

Don’t always scare your children of kidnappers or bugaboo because this may lead your kids to be over obsessed.


Infants learn through repetitions. Therefore, you must remind your kids of rules in any chance in, for example, zoos and places where there’re lots of people.

Two most common situations you kid must know

‘What should you do when receiving candies from stranger?’

Teach kids to be polite and determined to deny candies from stranger then return to their sitters quickly.

‘What should you do when someone pulls your hand?’

In this case, teach your kids to scream, shout or cry out loud in order to draw attention as well as help.

Other necessary things

Teach kids how to find mom

Let your kids learn by heart parents’ names, home address and telephone number.

Give kids a safety card inside their pockets

The card has all necessary information on it and it may help if they get lost.


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