Knowing how to please yourself will help you overcome the 1st stage of pregnancy easily.

Tiredness is one of the common sign at the early stage of pregnancy. Increase in progresterol, morning sickness and change in hormones will make pregnant women feel tired and have no more inner force. In spite of being very uncomfortable, no scientific evidence proves that there are any ways to treat this symptom. 

Despite that, applying a healthy and scientific lifestyle can increase the level of energy inside you for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Sleep right

To resist tiredness at the first stage of pregnancy, sleep is a safe choice. Sleep half an hour more than daily habit will help to strengthen vitality and make you feel better. If you find that your sleep is disturbed by nocturia, you should reduce the amount of liquid provided to your body before sleeping; avoid Beverages Containing Caffeine such as coffee, tea because these beverages make you urinate more frequently.

Pregnant women should sleep more at night.

Pregnant women should sleep more at night.

You should also eat bananas to provide kali in order to avoid cramp during pregnancy what may disturb your sleep. Besides, you should also buy a pillow for pregnant women to wrap around the body if they have trouble sleeping.

Scientific eating

During pregnancy, you should supply enough 300 calories per day. Providing calories from many sources of food can improve the energy level in your body. You also need to focus on high nutrient foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and low-fat milk.

Obstetrics Experts also advise women to supply 27gr of iron per day to prevent anemia. Having many small meals every day and drink enough water, at the same time, avoid junk foods such as confectionery, grilled and fried foods to reduce nausea and help you feel less tired at the first stage of pregnancy.

Exercise regularly

This is quite contradictory because when you’re tired, it’s hard for you to have enough strength to exercise, but if you try to strain and exercise, you will quickly feel more comfortable. You should choose sports which are gentle and don’t make you lose strength such as walking, yoga, or joining a prenatal sport class. Swimming is also a favorite and suitable sport for pregnant women.

.Exercise is very good to pregnant women

Exercise is very good to pregnant women

You should practice these sports outside with fresh air to have more vitality. If you don’t have time to practice, you should walk more during a day by stop taking the lift or using vehicles in short distance…


Stress makes the energy in your body reduce significantly, so finding methods to relax will help you be more comfortable. You should reduce stressful and unnecessary jobs; spend more time for personal hobbies such as going shopping, massaging, dipping in the tub or having a short vacation.

However, it can’t be said that pregnant women shouldn’t be nervous during pregnancy because they have many things to worry about such as mother and child health. In this case, you should share this to some trustworthy people or specialist to release pressure while being pregnant.


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