Itch while being pregnant is nothing to worry about and it usually appears in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

This symptom can be from many causes and happen in some parts such as palm, feet, but most is at the belly.

Several causes

The development of uterus

This is the most common causes of pregnancy itch. The development of uterus to make place for the fetus will make the skin dry (xerosis) and stretched, and become irritating, itchy.


Hormones produced during pregnancy affect your body and are very hot. The fact that skin rubs itself or rub to clothes will create sweat, so the humidity is formed and it causes prickly heat and rash. They usually appear in the folds of skin and wrinkles, which can cause itch and unpleasant feelings.

Frustration of Itching During Pregnancy

Frustration of Itching During Pregnancy


In the final stage of pregnancy, large patches of itch in the form of urticarial (PUPP) appear in some women. It starts from the stomach and spreads out to other parts of the body such as belly, thighs and arm. The signs are excessive itch, but they cause no harm to you and your baby. Only 1% of women get PUPP, so you need to have a check-up at the gynaecologist’ s to confirm if you really have PUPP or not.

Lumpy itch

Some women develops an uncommon disease called lumpy itch. This leads to the formation of “goose-pimples” on your body. It usually appears at legs, arms, sides of legs and arms. This disease causes no harm to you and your baby, but it will bring you unpleasant feelings.


Some pregnant women have to suffer another condition known as pemphigoid during pregnancy (herpes while being pregnant). This condition is characterized by urticarial, with the types of damage that is like light bulb. Herpes usually appears in three stages of pregnancy, but several cases may happen in the first stage. It can cause complications following by the poor growth of the fetus and preterm birth.

Yeast infection

Some women may have itching vagina during pregnancy. This is caused due to the changes of vagina’s pH, or from STDs and microbial infections. Yeast infections are very common during pregnancy and can cause mild to severe itch.

Intrahepatic cholestasis

It’s another condition of itch happening during pregnancy, and about 2% of pregnant women have to suffer this kind of sickness. This is due to the mix of bile salt, the liver problem. Bile runs unusually inside the small ducts of the liver, piles up inside the body and causes excessive itch. Sometimes, it’s is so serious that people will have to scratch till graze and damage their skin.

Itch often appears at the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Itch often appears at the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

All the body itching conditions during pregnancy mentioned above will disappear after giving birth and won’t repeat at the next pregnancy. However, intrahepatic cholestasis is an exception and usually happens in the next pregnancy.



You can use some treatments at home to treat itch. However, before using any treatments, you should ask doctors for advice to know exactly the causes and the most suitable, safe treatments. If you are itchy because of different periods of pregnancy, you can apply one of these treatments below:

Avoid using hot water when bathing

Bathing with hot water or bathing too much can make your skin dry. If you have a hot bath, you should use products from oat because they can ease itch. While bathing, avoid using brushes to rub your skin. You should use moisturizer to soften your skin, or use mild and odorless soap to bathe.

Use moisturizer

After bathing, put a bit of high-quality moisturizer onto the itchy skin while it’s still moist. This will help your skin absorb more moisture. The high-quality moisturizer such as Cocoa Butter Cream moisturizer, aloe extract… is good and suitable for itchy skin. Put these moisturizers on the affected skin, especially the belly; will help to prevent stretch marks significantly during pregnancy.

Use baking soda

Mix baking soda and water and put the compress containing this mixture onto the itch area to make you relax and comfortable. Using anti-itch cream such as cream containing calamine is also effective.

Wear well-aired and large clothes

You should remember to wear wide cotton clothes and stay away from synthetic clothes (such as polyester) because they have a tendency to keep wetness.

Take care of the vagina

Have a gynaecological examination to exclude fungal vaginitis during gestation. You need to wear cotton underwear and always clean and care for the vagina to make it dry and clean. Don’t use shower to clean your body; dry the vagina from front to back to avoid bacteria.

Drink enough water

To keep the body moist, you should drink enough water every day, at least 2 liters. Concurrently, you need to maintain a balance, nutritional and reasonable diet to make your skin healthy.

To keep the body moist, you should drink enough water every day, at least 2 liters.

To keep the body moist, you should drink enough water every day, at least 2 liters.

Apply odorless powder

In case you have PUPP, put this powder onto the folds in the lower chest and middle thigh to reduce the stimulation of your skin.

Itch during pregnancy is normal, but it always brings unpleasant feeling to pregnant women and some side-effects. This is a normal thing that most pregnant women have to stand. It can be reduced by using the methods above. Therefore, you need to know how to care for yourself to overcome pregnancy period vigorously, safely and happily.

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