To lose weight and keep in shape, many women have studied themselves and believed in some strange diets.

Vegetarianism and health

Vegetarianism and health

Recently, Fit Suger, an American magazine specialized in nutrition, has asked experts to analyze the truth of the 4 hottest diets in this country.

1.     Vegan diet

Pure Vegetarianism usually “says no” to all kinds of food originated from animal including meat, eggs, milk… Is it proper?

A research of American Journal of Nutrition shows that vegetarians are often thinner and have lower risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer… because this diet includes lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, beans, and absolutely excludes meats. Therefore, you can call this a healthy diet.

However, meat can be a part of a healthy and science diet. Particularly, in a research performed by American Journal of Nutrition in early 2012, scientists had applied a diet containing 150gr of beef tenderloin every day instead of chicken or fish to the subjects participating in the study. It’s surprising that their cholesterol ratio decreased by 10%. This result shows that eating meat properly with the right portion and kind will ensure you a completely healthy diet.

2.     Gluten-free diet

Gluten is a kind of protein found in barley, wheat…

Gluten-free diet means that you reduce some kinds of food such as bread, noodles, grain, and many other “noshes”. If you have a trouble of not absorbing gluten, you should avoid this. However, are you sure that this diet is right?

Gluten-free diet will help you lose weight. However, according to a research of an American organization in 2012, this diet may cause stomach ulcers due to the damaged immune system in the intestinal mucosa and this will make your body absorb nutriments wrongly. In time, the body will form a non-absorbent mechanism; and the worse is that gluten allergy can cause some symptoms such as distention, chronic bloating, headaches and fatigue. As a result, you will be leaner and your body will look like a sick person with pale, fatigable skin and become lifeless.

3.     Ancient diet

This diet is called like that because it is based on the eating principles of our ancestors during hunting and gathering period. Ancient diet means eating fresh foods, and the main kinds of eaten foods are lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, no sugar, grain, milk, beans, and pre-treated foods.

Vegetarians are often thinner and have less risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Vegetarians are often thinner and have less risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

In order to learn about this diet, a small research of scientists from California university, San Francisco, discovers that when a person change his diet from a normal one to  ancient diet, after ten days, the hypertension, blood fat of these people decrease dramatically and insulin sensitivity is improved.

Previous research on 14 people also showed that while applying “ancient people” diet within 3 weeks, they had lost 2,5kg. This result had clarified a bigger principle that eating fresh foods without being pre-treated will help you lose weight significantly.

4.     Eat raw vegetables

Food experts advise that foods such as beans, fruits, green vegetables and milk…are most nutritious when eaten raw. Of course, you need to wash and peel…them.

To test this, a research of American Journal of Nutrition in 2005 had analyzed the health signals of 200 people who were applying the raw vegetable eating diet for 3.5 years. In general, these people had low blood fat and low overall body fat. However, almost 40% of them were lacking in vitamin B12, and nearly 50% of them had low good HDL cholesterol.

Some vitamins such as vitamin C in vegetables can be lost if you cook them. But cooking can also increase the concentration of other vitamins. For examples, in tomatoes, lycopene will be released more if you cook them instead of eating raw. In general, vegetables are good for diet because they have lots of vitamins, minerals and calories whether you eat them raw or cook.



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