Some good remedies from sugar - cane as followed will help women protect their family’s health.

Description: Sugar-cane is helpful for our health.

Sugar-cane is helpful for our health.

Sugar-cane is too familiar to us. It contains many necessary nutrients such as: protein, calcium, iron, mineral, especially sugar at high rate (12%). According to medical experts, sugar-cane complements nutrients for our muscle besides freshening our body, refreshing ourselves with drink, reducing fatigue, and supporting digestive system. According to traditional medicine, cane-juice tastes sweet, fresh and neutral. Moreover, it is effective for freshening, refreshing, detoxifying, losing sputum, resisting vomiting, treating a fever, urinating with blood, and being nourishing.

Besides, sugar-cane also has good effect of treating the chronic gastritis, rash mouth, dry throat, constipation and being a good pregnancy-reassure remedy.

Some remedies from sugar-cane

Description: Some remedies from sugar-cane

Some remedies from sugar-cane

Treating the chronic gastritis

Take one glass of cane-juice and one glass of vintage wine, then well-mix and drink two times per day in the morning and evening.

Treating constipation

Take one glass of cane-juice and one glass of honey, then well-mix and drink two times per day in the morning and evening before meals.

Treating rash mouth, dry throat, vomiting, cough, sore throat, hot dry mouth in the old after fever

Cook rice gruel and pour cane-juice into it as soon as it is done, then mix well to drink.


Take 80g sugar-cane stalk; Chinese Fox-Glove root powder extract, seed of lotus, and Chinese licorice, 30g per each; bamboo leaves, Japanese honeysuckle, Japanese blood grass root, ox knee root, 20g per each. Next, pour into one liter water, boil, warm with low heat within 15 or 20 minutes, drink hot or cool based on personal taste. In another way, you can pound sugar-cane stalk along with Japanese blood grass root to take water, boil and mix up with coconut milk to drink.

Treating leucorrhoea

Take 30g purple sugar-cane leaves, 30g dracaena leaves, 20g pagoda flower, and 80g hill glory bower root. Next, you cut all into small pieces, dry in a pan then simmer to drink daily.

Pregnancy assurance

Take 30g sugar-cane shoot, 30g white ramie root, 20g Chinese motherwort, 80g coco-grass, and 2g black cardamom. Cut all into small pieces, dry up, and simmer with 400ml water. Drink 100ml in day and divide it into two doses.

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