Banish your trouble spots with our moves and toning tricks

Let’s face it, for the majority of women, the thought of wearing a bikini stirs up feelings of dread, fear and anxiety. Unless you’re planning on doing a Nigella Lawson this summer – hitting the beach covered head to toe in a burkini – it’s likely you’ll be bearing flesh in a bikini, tankini or swimming cozzie.

Description: Beach Body

According to a poll by gym chain LA Fitness, women are most critical of their bodies at this time of year; 60 per cent of us are so self-conscious about our tummies, we suck them in on holiday, while 16 per cent hate their thighs and legs, 21 per cent think bingo wings are the most unflattering part of a woman’s body and seven per cent dislike their bust. If holiday D-Day is burning a hole in your diary, waste no time in setting yourself a bikini shape-up challenge. ‘You can most definitely drop a dress size and tone up in four to six weeks,’ says Daybreak fitness expert Dee Thresher. ‘If you aim to shift an average of one to two pounds per week, or half a stone during this time, you’ll lose a good two inches off your problem areas too, read on for out favorite moves, toning products and styles, to get you brimming with confidence in no time.

And if you need extra reassurance before hitting the beach, when it comes to unsightly beach bodies, the same LA Fitness poll found that it’s mea who have the raw deal – both sexes think men wearing Speedos and sporting a beer gut is the MOST unflattering sight on the beack!

Beach bum

Lift and tone your bottom from every angle

Description: Lift and tone your bottom from every angle

Lift and tone your bottom from every angle

Work it:

Tthe right exercises can lift, shape and firm up your bottom in no time. A mix of cardio and body weight exercise is the key. Jumping squats are a great bottom-boosting move, says Dee Thresher. Build up a repertoire that engages the biggest muscle in your body – the glutes maximus.

Donkey kick

Description: Donkey kick

Works: glutes, abdominals and lower back.

Start on your hands and knees with your hands below your shoulders and hips and knees aligned. Don’t dip or raise your head – keep your spine straight.

Engaging your abs, lift your right leg up, knee bent and foot pointed to the ceiling (a). Hold, then extend the leg further upwards. (b)

Return to the starting position, then switch to the left leg. Aim to do between eight and 15 reps.

Cheat it:

To get skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, it’s important to regularly exfoliate. We love Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub ($19; origins.co.uk). Exfoliating or dry body brushing will boost circulation, even out skin tone and improve elasticity.

Follow this with a firming moisturizer, such as L’Oréal Paris Body Expertise Sculpt Up (200ml for $15, boots.com), and you’ll be ready for your bikini in no time. This cream promises to moisturise and tighten skin in a flash. It contains Gingko and caffeine to give an instant firming sensation. Described a shaving a ‘girdle-effect’ it’s like wearing invisible spanx!

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