Bye bye bingo wings

Banish baggy skin on your arms by increasing muscle tone and boosting skin elasticity.

Description: Banish baggy skin on your arms by increasing muscle tone and boosting skin elasticity.

Banish baggy skin on your arms by increasing muscle tone and boosting skin elasticity.

Work it:

A combination of targeted tricep and bicep exercises plus cardio, such as swimming, is the best way to bring dinner lady arms back from the brink. ‘Muscle definition, on your arms in particular, will increase if you push yourself harder each time you work out,’ says Thresher. ‘If you can manage an extra two press-ups, don’t wimp out, do them!’

Resistance ban triceps extension

Works: back, bingo wings and shoulder flexibility

Place your feet hip-width apart, spine neutral and focus forwards.

Grab your resistance band in your right hand, place your hand behind your back then grab the other end if the band with your left hand (a)

Extend your right arm gully without arching your back (b).

Return to the starting position and repeat six to eight times then swap sides.

Description: Resistance ban triceps extension

Resistance ban triceps extension

Cheat it:

Dry and pimply skin on the back of the arms is easily solved. Simply exfoliating and rehydrating your skin can improve the look and feel of your arms in a flash. Massage the tops of your arms in circular motions to increase the circulation in the area and eliminate any excess water retention.

Double-action Nuxe Intensive Firming Cream ($44 for 200ml; garden.co.uk) has been created to improve skin elasticity and prevent any signs of ageing. This double-action cream will fight and prevent skin slackening around the thighs, stomach, bust and arms.

Infused with extracts of rosemary and borage, Dr Hauschka Rosemary Leg & Arm Toner (100ml for $32; drhauschka.co,uk), is designed to ease heaviness, while toning the skin of your arms and legs and maintaining the connective tissue.

Or you could try Pupa Milano Inner Arm Reshaping Cream ($55 for 150m; urbanretreat.co.uk). This cream firms and tones up skin tissue to make skin look smoother and supple. In just eight weeks, your skin should feel firmer, making your arms appear slimmer and more toned.

Flat tum

Don’t be tempted to cover up, it’s time to reveal those hidden abs!

Description: Don’t be tempted to cover up, it’s time to reveal those hidden abs!

Work it:

There’s no point having rock hard abs when they’re hidden under a layer of fat. Mix cardio and targeted abdominal, oblique and core exercises to get the best results. Next time you’re out on a run, stop periodically to blast 20 crunches, curls or bicycles. ‘Walk tall,’ says Thresher. ‘Pull in your tummy, hold your shoulders back and lengthen your spine. This creates beautiful posture and can make you look half a stone lighter!’

Gym ball jackknife

Description: Gym ball jackknife

Works: waist, abs, shoulders, core and hip flexors.

Kneel on all fours with your hands shoulder-width apart and a gym ball behind you. Engage your core and place the top of your feet on the ball one at a time. Straighten your legs so your body is a straight line from your head to your toes (a).

Bend your knees towards your chest, trying to keep your upper body and head stable (b). Pause and extend your legs back to the outstretched position. Aim for eight to 15 reps.

Cheat it:

Massage can tighten loose tummy skin, be that post-pregnancy or after significant weight loss, aim to massage your tum with a rich cream or body oil at least twice a day and even before exercise to encourage fat burn.

Nip + Fab Tummy Fix ($25 for 100ml; nipandfab.com) contains fat-burning caffeine, synephrine (bitter orange extract) and lecithin (soy protein). It will contour and moisturize the skin on your tum, bum and hips.

Containing Arabica coffee seed extract, Dove Spa firm Beliver Tummy Contouring Concentrate ($34 for 2 x 50ml bottle, dovespa.co.uk) firms the skin on your abdominals while the evening primrose oil boosts skin cell elasticity.

Packed with re algae, caffeine and seaweed, Mama Mio get Waisted ($45 for 100ml; mamamio.com/uk) maximizes lipolysis – the breakdown of fat cells. Studies show that, when applied to skin, laminaria digitata, a brown seaweed, helps women drop a jeans size in 21 days.

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