A Fat Cat Industry

Hundreds of diets are created and shared with us every year. We spend billions of dollars keeping the weight-loss industry alive. And the fat cats who run these major corporations are not slim when it comes to offering consumers diets, gimmicks, beverages, powders, pills, equipment, and more. We find these every month in women’s magazines, hear about them from friends, and see celebrities promoting their new “diet” books and products through commercial advertisements and infomercials. Not all of these are bad but be a selective consumer. Many diets claim to take off those extra pounds painlessly and effectively. Trends come and go, promising fast and easy results. I can see how you might get confused by everything out there, but don’t worry, I’ve sorted through the junk for you. Finally you can get the results you desire (as long as they are realistic) with the sound, direct, and to-the-point information I provide in this program.\

Weight-Loss Red Flags


  YOUR Life

Anyone can make a claim about losing weight, sell a diet, or promote a weight-loss product. Beware of fraudulent moneymaking schemes.

We live in a world that has recently seen tremendous scientific and technological advances. With all this progress you may wonder why they haven’t invented a pill you could pop that would allow you to eat all the goodies you wanted and still look spectacular. Unfortunately that magic potion has not been invented. Losing weight is just one of those things in life that cannot be accomplished through a quick process. It takes some discipline. (Which isn’t a bad lesson to learn anyway!) As much as you may want to believe grandiose claims, an immediate red flag should go up if you see promotions like these:

  • Miracle results
  • Breakthrough
  • New discovery
  • Quick weight loss
  • Magic pill, magic formula, or magical cure
  • Secret formula

Not all products are bad if they use promotional terms. Most companies would not stay in business without some emotional form of advertising. However, be savvy and look beyond the packaging. It’s your responsibility. Don’t be sucked in by those fabulous success stories and promises like “drop ten pounds in a week,” “shrink your stomach,” and those remarkable before and after pictures. Are these really the same person? Why wouldn’t you be intrigued? It sounds so good. But that may be just it—too good to be true.

Fad Dieting—Fact versus Fiction

I have to tell you straight up—losing weight the healthy way is not without its share of obstacles. But it can be fun and you can feel great for life. It requires much planning, insight, motivation, and of course a sense of humor. Fad dieting, on the other hand, is just that—a fad. Fad diets are trendy. They do not stay around for any length of time. They also can be risky and dangerous, and they rarely provide long-term, effective results. Most people gain their weight back and even add on more.

Your Desire to Lose—Quickly and Painlessly

Is it really so important that this weight come off today and now? Let’s begin by looking at why you are desperate to lose:

  • Are you so obsessed with the idea of losing weight that you would sacrifice your overall health?
  • Do you often compare your size to that of another person?
  • Do you think being obese makes you lazy, sloppy, and undisciplined?
  • Do you believe that losing weight will make you well liked and popular among your friends?
  • Do you insist on crash dieting before a big social gathering?

Responding positively to any of these questions puts you in the category for possibly being obsessed with your weight.

Trying Anything and Everything

Are you the type of person that wants to knock off those pounds really badly, so badly that you’ll do anything to get them off? Perhaps you are willing to try any diet, weight-loss drink, and concoction available. You may even seek and follow advice from others. You know—the incredible diet you got from the waitress who heard about great results that her astrologist got from his sister who heard about a new diet from her masseuse who lost thirty pounds in a week. These “credible”or, more directly, not credible—experts are the ones that too many people follow. You have to stop and think about what this non-authority advice could be doing to your body.


  YOUR Life

Many people resort to fad fasting diets. They believe this will “clean out” their system of toxic wastes. Instead, these diets produce body chemicals called “ketones” that burden the kidneys and can be harmful for health. They also cause fatigue, dizziness, and less energy.

Many of these diets work initially and, yes, a few pounds come off. Who wouldn’t get excited? However, the weight usually returns. Before you know it you are back to square one. This vicious cycle begins again and again. Sometimes you can be even worse off than when you started. Read on before you spin out of control.

Why the Hype?

Bad fad diets are categorized as those that promote quick weight loss. Usually they don’t work, offer unrealistic promises, are restrictive, and can lead to health and related problems. Following are some common denominators that can be found in bad fad diets. Use this information to help you avoid frustration and possibly a feeling of failure.

  • These diets are usually well below caloric recommendations, though not advertised as such.
  • These diets are deficient in many nutrients, including carbohydrates and fiber, and many vitamins and minerals.
  • These diets are well out of balance of dietary recommendations, requiring too many proteins and fats and too few carbohydrates or too many carbohydrates and too little protein and fat.
  • These diets cause initial weight loss from body fluids, thus giving dieters a sense of accomplishment, when in fact the weight will soon return, and accomplishments will turn into failures.
  • These diets do not promote portion size. They do not teach consumers how to eat in moderation.
  • Many recommend that dieters follow suggested eating plans for extended periods of time.
  • Often these diets discourage long-term compliance, knowing how harmful they may be if followed for extended periods of time.


Portion size is rarely addressed in a fad diet. The focus is primarily on eliminating an entire food category rather than just eating less of it. This can cause you to overestimate the amount of food you should eat and skip essential nutrients.

The initial thought of a quick fad diet is encouraging to many people—just lose a quick five to ten pounds. However, the long-term consequences are much greater. Bad fad diets just don’t work. Don’t start a habit of being drawn in to these programs. You will just set yourself up for disappointment and a feeling of failure. Gradual changes that require long-term modifications to your eating patterns and lifestyle make more sense. If you are really willing to try anything to lose the weight, do it the right way.

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