If you are worrying about early delivery, be confident, because most of babies delivered after 35 weeks are healthy.

Description: The 35-week fetus is as big as a coconut.

The 35-week fetus is as big as a coconut.

General development

35-week-old fetuses, because the height and weight rocket in the womb, have no more space to scroll and somersault but they still remain kicks. At this time, the kidney is quite completely develops and the liver can filter the waste; body of the fetus is quite perfect now. From the 35th week, the baby mainly gains weight.

If you have never talked to your baby, please do not hesitate at this moment. At the 35th week, the hearing ability develops fully. Some proofs prove that newborn will be sensitive to high-pitch sound.

Don’t be so anxious about early delivery, because 99% babies delivered after the 35th week are healthy and don’t encounter any serious problems. Although the central nerve system is still completing, but the lung develops fully, being ready for breathing air instead of staying in the amnion liquor.

Fetus size

This week, fetus weighs about 2.4-2.5 kg and the height measured from head to heel is estimated 44-45 cm (head to bottom is about 32-33 cm).

Description: Fetus weighs about 2.4-2.5 kg.

Fetus weighs about 2.4-2.5 kg.

Mother symptoms 

Being pregnant at this time, mother will feel like urinating constantly because the pressure that the fetus cause upon the vesica.

Constipation is a common phenomenon so pregnant women should supplement fiber.

Pain throughout will make the pregnant women sleepless or find it hard to get a sound sleep.

Spasm appears more often.

What you need to do

Go to the doctor regularly. From now on, check your health once a week.

Test the HSS immediately.

Keep track on your symptoms because you can deliver at any time, especially who have the first delivery.

What you should do

This is the ideal time for you to register a pre-delivery class. You should register to have best information about delivery such as signals, or when you should go to hospital, or how to cooperate with doctors. Information about baby care, especially practical issues are here.

Plan on delivery details and save numbers of your husband, doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc. in case you have sudden delivery.

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