Pregnant women need to be provided folic acid to avoid the risk of birth defect.

Lacking iron or folic acid will lead to anemia. Anemia caused by lacking of iron can increase the risk of gestational complications, infections, miscarriage and postnatal complications, hemorrhage for example. In the worse situation anemia can cause death to mother and child.

Adding folic acid before and during pregnancy will help reduce the risk of fetal neural defects and other birth defects such as cleft lips and palate, heart defects.

Vegetables provide quite an amount of folic acid to pregnant women.

Vegetables provide quite an amount of folic acid to pregnant women.

Pregnant women should add folic acid on your own by eating foods instead of waiting for doctor’s prescriptions. The followings are foods that have plenty of folic acid.


Lentils have legume origin, just like green beans, peas, red beans, black beans, soy, peanuts and horse beans. Lentils have quite a lot of colors, such as yellow, orange, red… It’s pretty easy to cook lentils. The foods also have medium flavors. Especially, a part from providing with acid folic, lentils include many different nutrients like iron and fibers.

Dark-green vegetables

Acid folic – also known as folate, is derived from “foliage” which means leaf in the reference to green vegetables that are rich in vitamin. Therefore, pregnant women should eat lots of vegetables to receive cooling effects, add the essential amount of folic acid and benefit fetuses.

Orange juice

In hot seasons, drinking orange juice is the best way to ease the thirst. In order to vary the appetite and avoid being bored with the food, you can process orange into others dishes such as orange jam, orange ice-cream or foods served with orange sauce… Those foods are not only delicious and, but also help the body absorb more folic acid.


This food can be processed in a variety of dishes.

This food can be processed in a variety of dishes.

This food can be processed in a variety of dishes: savory and sweets. You can combine asparagus with other ingredients like mint and peas, milk and egg that are used for making pudding.

Red beans

You should soak the beans in the water for a while then cook them well. Whether you use red beans to cook sweets or other dishes, the beans are always delicious and healthy; you can enjoy the beans without concerning about the bloating.


A part from containing iron, vitamin C, beta carotene and fiber… cauliflower is one of foods that have the most amount of folic. Stir-frying, boiling, cooking with rice, making pie… are all match with cauliflower. It balances other ingredients and makes the food tastier.


To absorb folic acid in grain without putting on too many efforts, you should eat grain bread and grain biscuits.  You should eat grains with vegetable to better the grain flavor and have more folic absorbed.

Sunflower seed

Many women might like eating this food. Because of its activeness, you can eat the seed while doing other work like watching TV, reading books, listening to the radio… It also provides more calcium, iron and prevents hair loss.


Avocado smoothie is delicious and rich in folic acid.

Avocado smoothie is delicious and rich in folic acid.

Like salmon and walnut, the avocado is rich in the precious omega 3, natural fats that are good for cardiac health and develop children’s brain. The avocado also has folic acid. The simplest way to enjoy the delicious food is eating avocado smoothie.


Vitamin C in tomato helps you absorb iron better. The cheap ingredient also provides women with lots of choices to make sure that they and their fetuses absorb the essential amount of folic acid. Tomato juice and other tomato dishes also have nutrition value, so pregnant women can be free to choose.

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