Diabetes Is A Popular Disease of The 21st Century

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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by many reasons. It is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and metabolic disorders of sugar, protein, fat caused by the deficiency of insulin secretion, the insulin activities, or both. The disease seems to increase all over the world.

In 2000, there were 171 millions of people having diabetes in the world; 2006 was 246 million people. It was estimated that in 2025, there would be 380-399 million people having diabetes. The World Health Organization believes that the 21st century is the time of endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders, for example, diabetes.    

Healthy diets and regular exercises will prevent diabetes.

Healthy diets and regular exercises will prevent diabetes.

Obesity, inactiveness

In over the world, people have to spend 232 billion to 430 billion USD for diabetes treatments and prevention. Diabetes reduces 5-10 years of human life expectancy.

Death which is caused by diabetes wins 4th place in all the reason of death and 2nd place in deaths caused by non-communicable diseases, which means the number of people who died because of diabetes is as much as the number caused by HIV/AIDS. Up to now, there has been no treatment that is able to remove complete diabetes, but if diabetes patients receive right treatments and counsels, they can still literately have healthy life.

The signs of diabetes include: lots of urination, fast weight decrease, fatigue and regular thirsts. According to doctors, there’s only blood test that can detect diabetes.

There’re 2 types of diabetes: diabetes type 1 (happens to young people who are under 35 years old and depends on insulin); diabetes type 2 (happens to people who are over 35 years old and are well-affected with sulfamid).

There’s only blood test that can detect diabetes.

There’s only blood test that can detect diabetes.

Prudent diets   

Diabetes has to be treated in 3 aspects: nutrition, exercise and medication. About nutrition, patients need to follow eating rules: eat the 2 main meals on time, the other meals are vegetables and grains; get rid of greasy foods; do not skip meals even when you don’t want to eat. You should create good appetite when eating and eat slowly, chew carefully. Do not eat too much and keep reminding yourself that you’re on diet. Limit eating fried foods and increase eating boiled and cooked foods. Keep a certain portion. Follow the eating rules: eating a variety of foods which are enough to have a moderate weight. It’s necessary to absorb a moderate amount of fiber. Limit eating salted food, avoid alcohol and eat snacks before going to sleep. About exercise, diabetes patients should do exercise regularly, avoid inactive life style and follow doctor’s prescription.

There’s no sign of diabetes in its first stage, it’s only diagnosed when the disease is in its 7th-10th year. There are common complications of diabetes, such as glaucoma, cataract, coronary artery diseases, renal failure, hypertension, impotence, arthritis… Complications are hard to resist but, they can be reduced. Therefore, the most important thing is to diagnose the disease soon, in the first stage of it.       

People who are under 40 years old should have 1 glucose test a year.

People who are under 40 years old should have 1 glucose test a year.

People who are over 45 years old should have recurring checkup when the BMI index is over 25; having parents and siblings having diabetes; women have newborns who are over 3.5kg ; having gestational diabetes; having hypertension (blood pressure is over 140/90 mmHg); having dyslipidemias.

Diabetes increase every day but, it’s completely under expectation. People who have risk of the disease can reduce 60% the risk of diabetes by having sensible diets and exercises. Specifically, people who are under 40 years old should have 1 glucose test a year. People who are over 40 years old should have glucose test twice a year. Besides, it’s necessary to control the weight, prevent obesity, do exercise for 30-60 minutes a day and not to eat more than the essential amount of food.    

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