Everybody wants to look beautiful and it’s quite natural. Apart from your physical fitness, it is your beautiful and well groomed hair that draws public attention. Everyone wants a hair that shines and looks healthy but over time a combination of styling, coloring and even pollution can leave hair look dull and damaged. Hair loss is very common, in fact everybody loses hair. It happens during morning shower, while blowing the hair to dry or when giving a quick brush. A recent survey says that on an average, people lose up to about 50 to 100 hairs a day.  But this is a normal hair cycle and will be replaced with new ones. If you feel your hair loss is excess, it may be a sign for more serious medical condition and need an immediate treatment by a dermatologist.

Hair loss is experienced by both men and women at some point of their life. Some of most common causes of hair loss are due to nutritional deficiency, thyroid imbalance, change of climate, dandruff, illness and excessive use of styling tools and chemical treatments. A hereditary condition like male/female pattern baldness is the most common cause for hair loss. Hormonal imbalance due to childbirth, pregnancy or onset menopause can also cause temporary hair loss. Ancestors or close relatives having long lineage of thinning of hair can cause hair loss genetically.

Although there exist dozen of causes for hair fall, most of them do have a solution. Let us see few things to prevent hair fall.

Follow healthy lifestyle – Hair is an integral part of our organic system. Like any other cell, our scalp also needs nourishment and nutrition. If you are healthy, so do your hair. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Since hair is made up of protein, a protein rich diet with adequate water consumption can help to minimize hair fall.

Care for your hair – Poorly maintained and dirty hair is more likely to get infected and tend to fall – so keep your hair clean. Buy good quality shampoo and hair products and avoid changing them frequently. When shampooing doesn’t scrub your hair hard, instead wash it gently concentrating on scalp and roots. Focus on the ends of the hair as it receives more damage. Trim the hair regularly to get rid of the split ends and therefore can make it look better.

Avoid unhealthy practices – Do not wear styles that pull hair tight. The hair actually comes out from the root when pulled. Any chemical treatments that change hair texture like hot ironing, perming, styling, hot oil treatments, straightening must be avoided.  When the hair is wet, let it dry naturally by air. Blowing hair at high blow speed can cause damage to hair follicles. One of the most common mistakes everyone does is combing the hair when it is wet. This can cause the hair to stretch, break and sometimes pulls hair from the root causing baldness.

Never take your hair for granted. Take good care of them else you will painfully miss those beautiful hairdo.

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