Control acid reflux naturally by some simple eating behaviors


The mom’s Cuban recipe is extremely delicious but easily makes me get acid reflux or heartburn. Common foods such as pork simmered with fat and mojo de ajo (a mixture of garlic and lemonade), black beans, and rice make the meal irresistibly delicious. But whenever eating, I always face irritant heartburn.

Description: Heartburn symptom

Heartburn symptom

I mentioned in the book ‘The acid reflux solution: A cook book and lifestyle guideline for healing heartburn naturally’ that if you are patients of heartburn, do not worry since you are not scarce patients. At the US, there are more than 50 millions of people contracting this common heartburn, which occupies 1/6 of the population in the whole country. Nearly 44% of patients says that they have to be strenuous with this disease at least once a week, 7.5% of whom (equivalent to 23 millions of people) contract heartburn every day.

Acid reflux happens when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), a sphincter that acts as an entrance of the esophagus and stomach, is dilated, which facilitates tear gas acid in the stomach to overflow into the esophagus.

Some typical foods may make LES dilated, such as mint or anything related to mint essence, chocolate, saturated sugar, processed meat, dried foods, and beverages containing carbonate, caffeine, café and wine. Some different studies prove that some foods containing mint, chocolate, and caffeine include some chemicals that make LES dilated easily and stimulate acid reflux. Some other foods that contain much oil and grease and are indigestible will delay food metabolism to intestine. Too much food stagnancy in the stomach will pressurize LES, make LES dilated and start heartburn.

Solutions for acid reflux (heartburn)

Description: acid reflux

Dividing reasonably food portions which supplement fibre is one of the most important factors to prevent acid reflux. Actually, in the rule of heartburn prevention, what you eat is not important, but the important thing is that how much you eat. The fewer foods are absorbed, the less work pressure the stomach has, which reduces digestive acid secretion in the stomach. Similarly, food portions full of fibre will help food be digested and move better. The chronic constipation is often accompanied by about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), so eating fibre regularly will overcome this state.

The main solution is finding foods that help you digest well and prevent the threat of heartburn. This means you should eat lean meat, chicken, and fish, as well as other raw fresh foods that have not been processed yet, and you should eat plenty of fibre form fresh fruits, vegetables, and pure cereal. Additionally, ginger and cumin also support digestion very well. Besides, improve your cooking method to the one by which the food contains little fat, butter, or oil by grilling, barbecuing, or simmering.

The following is some advice of eating regime that you can follow.

Description: eating plan

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, eat sufficient pure cereals. Have at least one piece of fruit at breakfast, excluding juice, and you can also have a piece of fruit between meals.

About vegetables, eat four different kinds that do not contain protein every day, including eating raw and cooked vegetables. For green-leaf vegetables, such as lettuce, arugula, bina, and calabrese, how much you eat is okay, but you need to eat regularly, and do not eat more than 1 ½ cups per time. Some other vegetables are neutral. They do not make your stomach diseases become more serious, but you need to consider when eating too much these kinds of vegetable, including cauliflower, long squash, green bean, sweet potato, aubergine, asparagus, and artichoke. Which is the food full of fibre? As many people say, we can create gas – the symptom we usually get rid of, so you need to limit to 1/2 to 2/3 in maximum for each time of eating.

About kinds of fibre, nutritional doctors and experts advise you eat pure cereal, especially products from pure wheat since they are full of iron, kalium, zinc, and plenty of natural vitamin B. However, take note that the nutrition content of pure wheat is higher than that of refined wheat, so selling too much pure wheat or wheat flour can make stomach digest difficultly, and stimulate heartburn.

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