Women shouldn’t disregard attacks in order to prevent the serious effect on health.

Women shouldn’t disregard health when they have stomachache.

Women shouldn’t disregard health when they have stomachache.

According to experts, there are many elements that cause women’s stomachache. To find out the reason, patients should pay attention to position, pervasive direction, level and time for the appearance of stomachache.

Besides the problem of menstruation, to women, abdominal pain is also sign of the diseases that is related to pelvic, inflammation of the uterus’s inside membrane or chronic injury of the enclosed area.

Period of ovulating

Between two periods, if you have stomachache, you can be in the period of ovulating. At this time, ovary will release a grown-up ovum, fluid and blood that can cause the stimulation for mucous membrane of bowel. This phenomenon is not harmful and it can lose in some hours later.

Premenstrual period

In premenstrual period, you can have the signs of irregular personality and have design for foods. It can also cause stomachache, backache, headache, chest pain. The main reason can be the changes of endocrine. The situation will become more stressed if you don’t exercise and you lack vitamins.

In premenstrual period, if this situation lasts longer, you need to ask doctors for advice to reduce unpleasant feeling by changing lifestyle and using reliever.

Systaltic womb

To women, every month, endothelium will form inside womb to create warm shelter for the development of fetus. If ovum isn’t inseminated, this mucous membrane will leave for body in monthly period. Phenomenon of pulsation in womb helps bring these wastes out. The painful feeling will take place in frequency and lasts from the first 1-3 days of monthly period. You can foment or use reliever to reduce these unpleasant attacks.

Ectopic pregnancy

This is an urgent situation and it can be dangerous for your health. Consequently, you must be cured immediately. This phenomenon takes place when the fetus doesn’t lie in the correct position, often in oviduct. The signs include: having pain in pelvic, cramp in one side of stomach, bleeding in vaginal, nauseating and having vertigo.

Ovarian cyst

Between two monthly periods, an ovum follicular will grow up in monthly period and release the rip ovum. However, ovum follicular will not develop to become grown-up ovum to some people. It only contains the liquid fluid that is ovarian cyst.

When this rumor is small, it doesn’t have effect. However, when it becomes bigger, it can cause pain in pelvic, gaining weight and urinating frequently. You can go to see doctors to detect and cure on time.

Uterus fibroma

Uterus fibroma is the tumor that develops in womb. It has the source of plain cell, but it isn’t cancer. Uterus fibroma often takes place with women from 30-40 years old without causing serious problems. However, some women have pain in waist, stomach and it also affects pregnancy.

Pain in waist and stomach can be the sign of uterus fibroma.

Pain in waist and stomach can be the sign of uterus fibroma.

Inflammation in pelvic

Inflammation of hipbone is one of the most dangerous signs of sexually transmitted disease. These inflammations can cause the eternal injury to womb, ovary and oviduct. This is one of the top reasons of women’s barren disease.

The signs include stomachache, high-temperature, unusual fluid from vaginal and feeling pain in sexual relation or urination.

Disease of dropped organs in pelvic

Many women have phenomenon of dropped organs in pelvic because of their age. The organs like bladder of womb will drop in a lower position. It isn’t a serious health problem, but it can cause unpleasant feeling.

The most common signs are pressure on womb’s wall, feeling of full in the low stomach, unpleasant in groin or waist and pain in sexual relation.

There are many choices for cure, and you can do special exercises or making surgery. You can go to visit doctor to ask for possible advice in time.

Blocking up vena of pelvic

Stretching vena is often takes place in feet (especially thigh). Sometimes it can develop in hipbone. Blood accumulates in vena of pelvic, making it widen and have feeling of pain. This is the syndrome of blocking up vena of pelvic. You can feel more pain when you sit or stand.

Lying will help reduce pain and internal medicine will cure the syndrome of blocking up vena of pelvic.

Lying will help reduce pain and internal medicine will cure the syndrome of blocking up vena of pelvic.

Lying will help reduce pain and internal medicine will cure the syndrome of blocking up vena of pelvic.

Inflammation of endothelial uterus

To some women, endothelial uterus develops the tissues outside uterus. Development can form on ovary oviduct, bladder, bowel and other organs in body. When it is on time, endothelial uterus will break and create scars. These scars cause difficulty for pregnancy. There are some ways to treat, not cure this disease.

Inflammation of chronic vulva

Inflammation of chronic vulva doesn’t have the clear reason and inflammation isn’t the reason. Pain in vulva will have effect on areas around vagina. It can cause pain continuously or periodically with feeling of scalding, injecting or feeling of snatching and tearing. Riding bicycle or sexual relation can make you feel more pain. Doctors specify this injury after eliminating reasons of causing pain in vulva. To cure it, you can use medicine or physical therapy.


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