Recently, accidents in process of giving birth made many women die, making people worry a lot.

Consequently, many women want to be operated to take fetus out to be safer. This thing causes pressure on pregnant women and medical staff. I have some information to share with pregnant women and family.

World Health Organization totalized after comparing normal birth and cesarean with the following statistics.

Advantages of cesarean

You will not feel pain because only perineum is cut and stitched; however, you will feel pain in incision. It will help your genital organs not to fell when you are old and you will feel painful when urinating after giving birth.

Things similar to giving birth through vagina

Some phenomena are bleeding after cesarean, postnatal inflammation, not control in urinating (pregnancy affected), backache, difficult urination, depression, newborn death (except for contrast rank) , bleeding inside newborn baby’s skull, injury in nerve of newborn baby’s arm and being paralytic because of brain’s injury.

Cesarean has some similar things to giving birth through vagina.

Cesarean has some similar things to giving birth through vagina.


Disadvantages of cesarean

You will meet some symptoms such as bellyache, injury of bladder, ureter, and bowel. In addition, you can be operated again because accidents in surgery. Moreover, thrombosis disease will increase because of lying much after giving birth. The time that you stay in hospital is longer and the ability of readmitting to hospital is high. In the next pregnancy, forward placenta can bleed and womb can be cut because placenta clings to incision. Your womb can be broken, and you will meet still birth in the next pregnancy. Mother may die because of bleeding and blocked lung vessel in process of operating to take fetus. Newborn baby may die because of respiratory pathology and anesthetic shock…

Operating to take fetus will make pregnant women feel painful and cause bladder’s injury.

Operating to take fetus will make pregnant women feel painful and cause bladder’s injury.

Consequently, with the above information, we can see that cesarean will be more dangerous than giving birth through vagina. Hence, family needs to be provided with information about operating to take fetus before deciding whether to take cesarean. Many pregnant women scare childbirth pain, so they request to be operated. Many families worry a lot and believe in feng Shui, so they request to be operated although it is not suitable with professional knowledge. Doctors should determine not to solve these cases and should evaluate and explain mother and fetus’s health. In addition, they should give decision about operating that is possible with professional knowledge. Only resident duty doctor (the person who have the highest professional knowledge), leader or deputy of obstetrics, duty leader or depute have competence to sign consultative report and decide which case should be operated. We evaluate some operate cases because womb and presentation don’t develop; however, if it is better in process of preparing for surgery, we will invite their family to meet and explain and let pregnant women give birth through vagina.

I hope that the above information will help you change your outlook about operating to take fetus for people who don’t have medical major. It will help reduce pressure for pregnant women and obstetrics because there are too many families that are initiative in requesting to be operated.


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