4.    Jumping jacks

Reps: 60 seconds

Targets: Inner and outer thighs

·         Place the dumbbells on the side of the pool, then raise your arms out to your sides and over your head, and simultaneously jump your feet out so they’re slightly more than shoulder-width apart.

·         Without pausing, quickly reverse the movement, jumping your legs back together.

Want to burn a few more calories on holiday? Instead of chatting on a lounge chair, jump in the pool and chat while treading water. You’ll burn tons of calories, while toning your legs and bum

Description: Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks

5.    Front raise

Reps: 10

Targets: Shoulders (anterior deltoid)

·         Press the water bottles or dumbbells into the water so they’re resting on the front of your thighs.

·         Keeping your arms straight, lift your arms up until the weights rest on the surface of the water. Press back down through the water until the weights are back at the starting position.

Description: Front raise

Front raise

6.    Scissor jumps

Reps: 60 seconds

Targets: Core and Glutes

·         Place the dumbbells on the side of the pool and stand in chest-high water. Take a step forward with your right leg.

·         Jump up, switching legs so you land with your left leg in front and your right leg behind. Squeeze your bottom with each rep.

Description: Scissor jimps

Scissor jimps

7.    Trunk twists

Reps: 20 each side

Targets: Obliques

·         Stand chest-deep in the water and hold the dumbbells just below the surface. Without moving your feet, twist your torso to the right and pull the weights through the water, so they are to the right your body.

·         Twist to the left, and pull the weights with you.

·         Keep twisting and moving the weights from side to side, reaching as far as you can with each rep, but without moving your feet or hips.

Description: Trunk twists

Trunk twists

8.    Aqua punches

Reps: 60 seconds

Targets: Scapular muscles, biceps and deltoids

·         Stand chest-deep in the water and hold the weights in front of you. Bend your knees slightly and then, very quickly, bring your right arm forward in a punching motion, keeping it under the water. Return to your stating position and repeat with your left arm. Throw as many punches as you can in 60 seconds.

Perform this circuit three times for a refreshing, fat-burning workout.

Description: Aqua punches

Aqua punches

How to do it

To do this work out, use two full water bottles (one in each hand) or some light dumbbells such as BECO’s Aqua Beflex Hand Paddles ($27; swimshop.co.uk). Start in the shallow end, with the water around chest height. Perform each exercise for the set amount of reps before moving on to the next exercise as quickly as possible. Once finished, rest for two minutes, then repeat the circuit twice more.

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