Pregnant women should remember the ways to help babies be always healthy since they are” budding”.

1.     Air outdoor

In pregnancy, pregnant women should sunbathe in the early morning. At this time, sunlight helps mothers absorb magnesium to improve the development of muscles of fetus.

Description: Sunbathing is also the best way to provide babies with calcium.

Sunbathing is also the best way to provide babies with calcium.

Besides, sunlight is a natural medicine to synthesize calcium and phosphorus to help babies have healthy teeth and bones.

2.     Lying posture

When pregnant women lie to sleep, they should turn to the left side. That thing will improve blood flow for fetus.

If you lie on your front, it will create a lot of pressure for baby. If you lie on your back, you can limit the blood flow to heart and the result is that it will make pregnant women feel dizzy.

3.     You shouldn’t abstain from urinating

Enduring to urinate will increase the risk of catching infected disease about urinary. In serious case, it even leads to premature birth.

4.     Cream to prevent getting old

Pregnant women should be careful with using cosmetic in pregnancy.

In some products that contain a small quantity of vitamin A or Retinol chemical. These components relate to many congenital anomaly. Before using, pregnant women should read labels to know surely about products that they are using contain Retinol.

5.     Pay attention to movements of babies

If babies suddenly stop to move or move little/much unusually, pregnant women should ask specialized doctors for advice to follow and carry out necessary experiments.

6.     Go to see dentist

Checking teeth and mouth periodically is an important thing before and in pregnancy.

According to a recent research, if pregnant women often take care of health of teeth and mouth such as taking tartar, polishing teeth, these activities can reduce 84% of the risk. Consequently, pregnant women should make schedule to go to see dentist.

7.     Avoid tidying up

Pregnant women should avoid work such as cleaning garbage and wild grass in garden. Sand and wild cats can contain toxoplasmosis - a parasite can cause blind and injury for brain of fetus.

If pregnant women cannot ask someone for help, before doing, pregnant women should wear gloves and comforter.

8.     Talk with children

According to many researches, when babies are in their mothers’ womb, they can receive sound stimulation through parents’ voice. Talking with children every day will help them improve hearing function, language development and motor system.

This thing also affects baby’s confidence and it even makes babies sleep better in the next periods.

9.     Experience of relatives

You should ask your grandmother, mother, aunt about their previous pregnancy. They not only provide you with precious experience about taking care of pregnancy but also show genetic elements that relate to reproductive function.

If women in your family have prehistoric puerperal eclampsia or diabetes, you will have the risk to catch these diseases. Consequently, you should provide doctors with this information to help you control pregnancy more careful.

10.  Eat fish oil

Some kinds of fish such as salmon, codfish, tuna, sardine… contain most of the omega 3, 6 fatty acids. These are nutrients that not only is important to development of brain and eyesight ability of babies but also help reduce the risk of premature birth.

Description: Pregnant women should eat oil fish 2 times/week.

Pregnant women should eat oil fish 2 times/week.

11.  Carry out experiment

Pregnant women should calculate about doing experiment about streptococcus group B (GBS). This is a popular infected form. Among them, it is in the rare case and it can make fetus die in the womb or death at newborn babies.

12.  Safe work

Pregnant women need to consider safeness as well as health of pregnant women to work, working environment. If your work has effect on fetus, employers have to reduce the risks or appoint you to do another work that is suitable with you.

13.  Use bath water with suitable temperature

Pregnant women shouldn’t dip their body in too hot tank. This thing causes effect to the nerve system of fetus.

Besides, high temperature and hot steam can make pregnant women sweat, feel dizzy and have rash skin.

14.  Add folic acid

Folic acid helps prevent defect of nerve pipe such as disease of breaking vertebra and phenomenon that babies have light weight.

Babies that have light weight when they are born easily catch diabetes and diseases about respiratory system. Therefore, every day, adding 400mcg of folic acid from becoming pregnant to 12th week as well as diet with a lot of folic acids (including green vegetable, bread, grain for breakfast) during pregnancy is completely necessary to pregnant women.

Description: Pregnant women should add 400mcg of folic acid every day during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should add 400mcg of folic acid every day during pregnancy.

15.  Eat with right way

In this period, pregnant women need to increase 15% the amount of calories comparing with normal time (about 200-300 calories/day).

Moreover, adding mixture of vitamins and minerals are essential thing in this period.

Pregnant women shouldn’t think wrongly that becoming pregnant means that you need to eat more. The important thing is that you have to eat with enough nutrients.


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