When pregnant women travel with car, this is necessary thing that they have to do. The suitable position of belt can be under belly, above thigh, not on belly where pressure can be dangerous to fetus if accident takes place.

17.  Exercise health

Pregnant women should have light and suitable practice in pregnancy. When you practice, circulation of blood is at the highest level. This thing will help baby’s body grow and develop completely.

Besides, when mother’s body exercises, it will improve functional organs of the baby to stimulate and develop best.

18.  Live glaze

If pregnant women use biological production that contain useful bacteria for intestine such as yoghurt or yoghurt that is provided with Probiotic, they not only are useful for pregnant women but also reduce the risk of catching disease about slow development to babies in the future.

19.  Think positively

According to many researches, if future mothers have bright look, babies that they give birth will become healthy. Moreover, their characteristics are also stronger than those of pessimistic mothers.

If your today is bad, you should try to relax with massage, or simply breathe deeply.

20.  Foods rich in Fe

Green vegetable, red meat, eggs, dried fruits and wheat are foods that are rich of Fe. They are micronutrients that are necessary for the process of creating blood and developing cells of fetus.

Small tip: wash foods that are rich of Fe, then use orange juice to rinse. Vitamin C helps improve absorption Fe up to 4 times.

21.  Stop drinking wine

Doctors advise pregnant women not to drink over 1 or 2 glasses of wine a week. In addition, recent researches show that drinking wine with safe level can make babies have lower IQ index. Babies can also have trouble about behavior.

Description: The best way is that pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine in pregnancy.

The best way is that pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine in pregnancy.

22.  Be careful with peanut

Researches suggest that if you, your husband or anyone in your family has history of eczema, asthma or allergy with peanut and products containing peanut, you should avoid it in pregnancy because it can make babies allergic.

All of the grains are safe and the source to provide protein that is the best for pregnant women.

23.  Avoid people that smoke cigarette

Smoking passively in pregnancy means that you breathe about 4,000 different chemicals. They can cause cancer, death for babies and make babies have light weight when they are born.

You should advise your husband to give up smoking cigarette. In addition, pregnant women should avoid it by any way they can.

Description: Smoking cigarette can cause lung cancer and premature birth problems to pregnant women.

Smoking cigarette can cause lung cancer and premature birth problems to pregnant women.

24.   Drink a lot of water

Pregnant women should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Maybe pregnant women feel afraid of going to the toilet more. But in reality, you need to drink more water to provide for amniotic fluid of fetus as well as increase the amount of blood for pregnant women. This thing has purpose to provide oxygen and nutrients that are pumped through placenta for babies.

25.  Be honest about health, living habits

Maybe you don’t want to recognize that in the past you used to smoke 40 cigarettes/ day. Or you used to catch sexually transmitted diseases, but your doctor needs to know the truth to control your pregnancy better.

26.  Read direction carefully before taking medicine

According to a research, there is about 39% of mothers take medicine without direction of doctor in the first period of pregnancy. In some cases, fetus die in the womb, or women can suffer a miscarriage or unusual signs of fetus.

You always have to ask doctor pharmacist before using any normal or additional medicines.

27.  Foods that contain vitamin E

Types of seed, green vegetables and vegetable oil contain vitamin E. According to scientists, vitamin E helps fetus limit asthma, eczema and other allergies.

28.  Limit to use caffeine

If pregnant women use caffeine, it will affect fetus such as miscarriage or lacking in weight. Food standard agency advises that you should use with the maximum rate of caffeine 300mg/day (equivalent to 4 cups of soluble coffee, filtered coffee or 6 cups of tea…).

29.  Adding vitamins before giving birth

Not all of the women have a scientific diet. 40% of women don’t have healthy diet before being pregnant, so they can lack essential nutrients in becoming pregnant.

To maximize the absorption of body, women should add synthetic vitamins and minerals. You should pay attention to take vitamins after meals.

30.  Keep in touch regularly

Pregnant women should make the list of specialized doctors, including basic information and contacting telephone number to use when necessary.

In addition, you should always keep in touch with your relatives to ask them for help when necessary.


In 2002, there is 5/1000 of the cases that fetus die in the womb. And from 1981, before pregnant women were pregnant in the first time, they were advised to use folic acid. As a result, defect about neural pipe reduced 85%.

In reality, at present young mothers have good condition about economy, medical care and a better educating foundation to improve reproductive health for both mothers and babies. 9 months of pregnancy will be very meaningful when you know the way how to choose and calculate among safe things and put foundation to help baby’s future develop completely.

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