In the past, there was no insecticide or insect repellent machine which is all sold widely nowadays. For that reason, they have to use available things on their pantry or in the garden. Those methods have to be effective or they’ll be bitten by mosquitoes and ants until they couldn’t stand it.


Description: Grow catnip in your garden to prevent mosquitos.

Grow catnip in your garden to prevent mosquitos.

According to the Garden Guides, planting the right kinds of tree around the house will be effective on preventing mosquitoes. Catnip is the perfect plant to grow. The plant is used for making essential oil that will be blended with water and sprayed on skin to drive mosquitoes away. Also, according to Garden Guides, citronella is a tropical plant that spread out the odor that disturbs mosquitoes. Therefore, when they’re planted near the house or applying its oil on skin, you’ll be protected from mosquito bites. Repel All’s website says that the eucalyptus, thyme, castor oil, basil, camphor and fennel oil are all substances that can prevent mosquitos as well as other insects.


Description: Borax and sugar is a good combination to get rid of the ants.

Borax and sugar is a good combination to get rid of the ants.

According to Garden Guides, there’re things in your pantry able to send ants and mosquitoes away. Some can be harmless to human, but there’re some you have to keep away from children. Blend borax with brown sugar and let the mixture attract ants. Brown sugar draws the ants’ attention while borax kills them. This is what you don’t want your children or pets to get involved to, so be careful with it. Molasses can also be used to trap ants.

Rubbing vanilla leaves on your skin to shoo the mosquito away without causing negative effects on your family or pets. According to the Repel All, having the smell of peppermint oil or rosemary leaves on your skin instead of your body’s, will keep insects away.


Description: Apply more mosquito repellent when you’re sweating to keep it work.

Apply more mosquito repellent when you’re sweating to keep it work.

When sweating a lot, you need to apply more mosquito repellent to make it still work. When using essential oil, make sure it don’t contact with your eyes, especially peppermint oil which can cause you burn and irritation. Even natural therapies can also cause skin irritation to children, so be aware of the amount that is applied and mind allergies. When pregnant, always stay cautious using any insect repellent. Mosquito repellent is best used at sunset and dawn when mosquitos and ants hunt for foods.


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