When should pregnant women have pregnancy ultrasound? What is the purpose of ultrasound? What should pregnant women do before having ultrasound? All pregnant women want to know these things.

1.        Why do pregnant women need to have pregnancy ultrasound?

Ultrasound is the way that can record of fetus in mother’s womb. As a result, mothers can see development of fetus and also know many problems around babies and especially, they will know whether babies can catch inborn defect or not early.

2.        Why do we see fetus through ultrasound?

Image of ultrasound is formed by using sound waves. Machine will send sound waves through body and after that it will reflect again and change to an image that is showed on screen.

The way to make ultrasound: doctor will rub gel that is used for ultrasound on pregnant women’s womb, after that the head of ultrasound machine will be sweep pass by until fetus and placenta are showed. Pregnant women and relatives can see fetus on screen.

Gel will be rubbed on pregnant women’s belly to begin to have ultrasound.

Gel will be rubbed on pregnant women’s belly to begin to have ultrasound.

3.        Which important moments should pregnant women have ultrasound?

According to obstetricians, during pregnancy, there are 3 moments that pregnant women are forced to have pregnancy ultrasound.

From the 12th to 14th weeks of pregnancy

This is the time that ultrasound doctor can define age of fetus exactly. The more important thing of having pregnancy fetus in this time is that doctor can measure bright space behind nape to predict some unusual things of chromosome (these unusual things can be the reason that cause Down disease, heart deformity, hernia of diaphragm).

If you have single or double fetus, this is the time when doctors can give you the most exactly.

From the 21th to 24th weeks of pregnancy

Most organs of fetus will be tested by ultrasound doctor to ensure that fetus develops normally. Backbone, skull, skull, heart, lungs, kidneys, arm and legs of fetus in the period can be seen.

Besides, doctors can detect most unusual things about form of fetus such as harelip, cleft palate, deformity in internal organs. This time is especially important because suspension of pregnancy can be done before the 28th week.

From the 30th to 32th weeks of pregnancy

Unusual things appear lately such as unusual things in artery, heart, structure area of brain that will be detected in this ultrasound time by doctors.

At this time, in ultrasound process, doctors can check navel cord to recognize that whether it is good enough to transport nutrients to nourish fetus or not, position of placenta, the state of amniotic fluid (opaque or pure, many or little) will also be checked in the ultrasound time.

4.        Which harmful things does ultrasound bring for fetus?

There isn’t any research that affirms that ultrasound has bad effect on fetus. However, pregnant women shouldn’t misuse because there are the sensitive areas with ultrasound waves such as eyes or sex gland. Doctors often humor mother’s psychology and they will snap these areas most but this thing isn’t done because scientific purpose.

Ultrasound doesn’t affect fetus; however, pregnant women shouldn’t misuse.

Ultrasound doesn’t affect fetus; however, pregnant women shouldn’t misuse.

5.        2D ultrasound isn’t as good as 3D, 4D?

Many people think that 3D ultrasound is clearer and it is easy to see. Therefore, it is better than 2D ultrasound. However, according to experts, 3D ultrasound is only used the cases that detect defect of fetus. It doesn’t give indexes about size, weight and age of fetus that are as exact as 2D ultrasound.

6.        Ultrasound will detect fetus’s defect?

This thing is correct; however, it isn’t correct in all cases because doctors cannot always detect fetus’s defect. In some cases, when babies are born, doctors can detect those defects.

7.        What do you pay attention when you have ultrasound?

Pregnant women should drink a lot of water before having ultrasound.

Pregnant women should drink a lot of water before having ultrasound.

Drinking a lot of water and enduring urinating before having ultrasound are the things that women used to become pregnant know clearly and women that become pregnant in the first time are like a fish out of water. When you want to urinate, this is the best time for having ultrasound because at this time, bladder will stretch and ultrasound will become easier, doctor will see your baby more clearly.

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