Because caesarean section doesn’t affect vagina and cause no local injury, it will not affect sex life later.

Cases must have caesarean section (C - Section)

Women cannot do the biological reproductive function normally, small or narrow or unbalanced pelvis (Cephalopelvic disproportion), about 30%.

Over two times had C - Section (30%): In fact, there are many cases that women who had normal caesarean section (not emergency) can safely give vaginal birth

Cases that the baby is not in a head-down position close to the due date or preterm delivery must have C-section

C-section is necessary when the baby show the signs of distress, weakness due to lack of oxygen leading the mother can have long labor pain or infection.

In some cases, placenta may detach before delivery of cover the cervix, or placenta praevia. The risk of this is breaking blood vessels causing massive bleeding and can be fatal to mother or fetus, so a C-section is necessary.

Does Caesarean Section Affect Sex?

Does Caesarean Section Affect Sex?

Steps of a C-section

After determining C-section is necessary, doctors anaesthetize, usually epidural anesthesia (anesthesia), inject to spinal column. In case of emergency, general anesthesia is needed to ensure safety for the mother.

After being sure about the anesthesia, the surgery starts.

Surgeons start with a low transverse abdominal incision, and an incision at uterine segment to take the baby out, the mother can also feel about taking the baby out. This lasts about 3 minutes.

Do not have an advantage as vaginal birth, doctors have to clean excess fluid in mouth, nose and respiratory tract of the baby and when hearing the cries of the baby meaning the surgery is successful. After surgery, doctors stitch the incision, and the baby is taken care by hospital orderly.

C-section hurts more than vaginal birth, and after C-section, the mother has to take over many things, especially baby care, so it is harder.

C-section hurts more than vaginal birth, and after C-section, the mother has to take over many things, especially baby care, so it is harder.

Steps for recovery after caesarean section

It must be said that C-section hurts more than vaginal birth and after C-section, the mother has to take over many things, especially baby care, so it is harder. To support, doctors advise what to do to convalesce, and drugs to relieve pain, prevent infection and do not affect breast feeding.

Incision may be sore for a while, and can leave scar when healing. However, there are also cases of redness or inflammation. Tell your doctor to fix.

Usually doctors wash the wound, together with taking drugs to help wound healing, after several months, wound will fade.

C-section does not affect sex life

Because C-section does not affect to vagina, no local injury, it does not affect to sex life. Pleasant feeling comes faster, no pain as who has vaginal birth.

However, those had C-section had to be through recovery period, helping the wound heal and cervix return to normal state. This period lasted about 4 weeks, if necessary women can ask doctor to ensure personal safety and help baby care be easier.

C-section does not affect sex life

C-section does not affect sex life

How to reduce complication after C-section

In fact there is nothing to worry after C-section, because this technique is very fast and safe for both mother and baby.

The first things pregnant women need to do are to well prepared, ask doctor for advices, take part in prenatal training, find information, books related to this technique, and talk to husband and relatives to have more support, and finally, choose skilled doctors, trusted hospital.

Women who had C-section once have nothing to be afraid of, do not blame anyone and consider it is normal, like vaginal birth.

Finally, trust in doctors, nurses. Everything will go well, and you will have a healthy baby.

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