In pregnant period, women should avoid foods that have stimulated substances, cigarettes, wine and incorrect diet.

Avoid stimulated substances

In pregnant period, women should have a nutritious and digestive diet. Food should be rich of protein, fruits and clean. You should avoid foods with stimulated substances, cigarettes, wine and incorrect diet. After becoming pregnant, fetus’s development must depend on mother’s blood in the vital organs to be fostered. Consequently, the performance of blood in pregnant women’s vital organs has direct effect on the development of the fetus.

The fetus will grow up and develop healthily if the mother’s performance of vital organs is normal and blood is prosperous. Therefore, pregnant women need to have a diet with many nutrients such as: lean meat, eggs, fishes, vegetables, fruits, poultry’s in order to help fetus develop well.

The pregnant women need to have a diet with many nutrients.

Pregnant women need to have a diet with many nutrients.

After becoming pregnant, if mothers eat incorrectly, they can reduce the nutrients in their body. Consequently, it can be harmful to nutrient absorption and fetus’s development. If after becoming pregnant, mothers often eat stimulated substances like peppercorn, chili, garlic, the body’s low temperature will become stronger. It can be harmful for the fetus’s development and seriously it can lead to premature birth.

Pregnant women should avoid cigarettes, wine because drinking too much wine will make the high alcohol concentration exit longer in cervical and it is easy to cause heat, blood and the disability for skull, face, hands and feet of fetus. In addition, it will make fetus in the cervical develop about constitution and mentality slowly. Alcohol poisoning can increase the rate of premature birth and the rate of fetus that dies in the womb. Despite smoking cigarettes too much or smoking passively, pregnant women can have to face monster or premature birth.  Consequently, pregnant women have to avoid cigarettes and wine completely.

Cigarettes can cause  monster and premature birth.

Cigarettes can cause monster and premature birth.

Avoid eating too salty foods

Pregnant women shouldn’t eat foods that are too salty. In this time, women often feel tasteless because of the reaction of pregnancy. Hence, they like to eat foods with strong stimulated substances and salty foods People consider this thing normal and don’t care much. Why shouldn’t pregnant women eat salty foods? According to doctors, in pregnancy, spleen and kidney don’t show enough, the performance of movement decreases, low water easily piles up inside,  blood is not composed. According to modern medicine, pregnant women will have the changes about physiology such as the quantity of sodium and blood stored too much. Those changes take places in body’s organs to adjust to the development of the fetus. Salty foods have the high quantity of salt, it will make low water store inside heavily .Therefore it is very harmful to spleen and kidney, makes the function of these 2 organs decrease. In addition, it causes difficulty in absorbing energy, less urination, and signs such as fluttered heart, unpleasant feeling. Due to modern medicine, in pregnant period, the quantity of circulation blood increases, the process of changing from old to new also take places faster in order to adjust to circulation of umbilical cord’s foot . If pregnant women eat too much salty foods, the quantity of sodium in the body will increase highly and the quantity of salt also develops similarly. As a result, pregnant women will have problem for heart with the signs such as fluttered heart, unpleasant feeling, and less urination. In the serious case, it will have effect on the fetus. Consequently, it can be harmful to both mother and child.

After few months of pregnancy, the waste in process of changing between old and new will increase. It will affect the performance of spleen and kidney. At this time, it can cause dropsy to body and feet. With damaged spleen, pregnant women also begin to eat less, have bowel movement with broken shit. With damaged kidney, they will have strain back, cold feet and hands, short and less urination. With damaged gas, they will feel unpleasant, full expansion hip. That is dropsy because of pregnancy; Chinese medicine calls it “spoiled gas” (gas of children), “dropsy” (because of children). According to modern medicine, in pregnancy, water and sodium can be stored due to the changes of hormone. In this period, pregnant women can lack blood because blood is diluted. The observed pressure of plasma decreases, and vena under thorax prevents blood coming back and makes the quantity circulation of blood increase. These elements can cause dropsy of water. At this time, you must reduce the quantity of salt in diet. Every day, you should limit the quantity from 3-5 grams to reduce the amount of water and salt.

Similar to the frugal diet of Chinese medicine, eating tastelessly is basic. Every day, you can drink tasteless and sweet soya milk. If you are in dropsy period, you shouldn’t eat foods too salty. Otherwise, the amount of water and salt will increase and you will get dropsy seriously with the signs such as headache, unpleasant chest, nauseating and not eating well. In some serious situations, dropsy will appear together with hypertension. Moreover, urination has the muddy color like egg white. As a result, it can cause dangerous thing for children and on the clinical aspect, it can lead to the dangerous symptom: poisoning pregnancy.

Consequently, pregnant women should avoid eating salty foods although they are in the first time of pregnancy, the period of water dropsy or hypertension. Limiting the amount of observed salt is very important.

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