The vaginal cleaning movement under the shower after urination

After taking pees, the urine that remains in the urethral orifice within the shower impacts making the urine go inside the urethra. And because the urine is already infected with the available viruses, this is the reason causing urinary tract infection that is popular in women. The solutions are: do not use repeatedly a towel without washing it because it can increase the risks of the infection.

Cleansing the vagina daily with feminine hygiene solution

The opinion which is cleaning the vagina with feminine solution regularly will help prevent vaginal inflammation is completely wrong. That’s because the vaginal environment can also have microflora, the good and bad bacterium system that are always balanced and kept in an acidic environment that has the pH of 4.5 - 5.5. That provides harmful viruses with disease opportunities. However, using the feminine hygiene solution daily can cause imbalance or damage the vaginal mucosa, which leads to chemical vaginitis. You should only use feminine hygiene solution when you’re in period or under the gynecologist’s recommendation.

Have vaccination to prevent cervical cancer

Have vaccination to prevent cervical cancer

Having sex

The periods often last for 3-5 days and take about 50-70ml blood. The components of menstrual blood include blood and the peeled endometrium, the substances that are secreted by cervical and vaginal gland. This is a very good environment for harmful viruses to develop and form diseases. At the time, the cervix is opening so the possibilities of infection is high, and once having sex, the viruses will follow the menstrual blood and go back inside. The rate of infection caused in menstrual periods is 16 times as high as it is in non-menstrual periods. For that reason, you shouldn’t have sex during menstrual days.

You shouldn’t have sex during menstrual days.

You shouldn’t have sex during menstrual days.

 Having a nonemergency surgery or operation

There’re many changes in women’s bodies in those kinds of days, such as: the pelvic veins are slightly dilated so that the blood remains a lot in the pelvic area and the reproductive organ, the vaginal mucosa is often congested and easily gets bleeding. Therefore, when you’re about to have a nonemergency surgery or operation, you should rearrange them to a different day. Moreover, if you have surgeries or operations like tooth extractions and plastic ones…, remember that in that period, you’ll have much chance of infection and it’ll be difficult to stop the bleeding.

Women who inserted vaginal contraceptive ring shouldn’t play sports that require lots of strong movements.

Inserting vaginal contraceptive ring is one of the most popular birth-control methods at present, a part from the contraceptive benefits which are high rated (98%), suitable to the financial state and convenient. However, the ring is inserted in an empty cavity, so it’s possible for the ring to be deflective or misplaced if users move all the time and do activities that require strength and effort. The ring misplacing can reduce the effects of conception for which users can get pregnant.  Hence, women who inserted vaginal conceptive ring shouldn’t work hard and move continuously, especially avoid sports like running, soccer, volleyball…

Women who are breastfeeding shouldn’t use stimulants or take medicines that aren’t recommended by doctors.

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition. That source will be better without the effects of beer, alcohol, coffee, and spicy spice like chili, pepper and soft drinks. That’s because those things at some level will affect to the mother’s milk and the health of babies.

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition.

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition.

While breastfeeding, women should arbitrarily take medicines like endocrine drugs, anticoagulant, the aminosid, tetracycline or quinolon antibiotics… because though the milk, it will cause bad effects on the developments of babies. If necessary, it must be recommended by doctors.  

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