90 percentage of women told that they had been very worried due to losing their hair a lot. People still think that alopecia seems to be hard to treat. Actually, many women have found safe and effective treatment based on many of valuable herbs.

The causes of hair loss

For women, losing hair is due to the effects of chemicals used for curling, stretching, dying. Another reason is the change of hormone after childbirth or in menopause and premenopausal period. Moreover, another common cause of hair loss in women is a lack of minerals, vitamins because of diet applied by women scaring fat.

For women, losing hair is due to the effects of chemicals used for curling, stretching, dying.

For women, losing hair is due to the effects of chemicals used for curling, stretching, dying.

Besides, the polluted living environment, much of smoke and dust, negative effect from sun, pressure from stressful and busy life, lasting insomnia are all reasons that cause heavy hair loss.

No women have to worry about this, but the trend of hair loss in men is even much more than in women. The main reason is due to redundancy of a kind of chemical called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which makes hair follicles produce the thin strands of hair till they are completely damaged. DHT makes hair be lost. It’s hard for them to grow again and the final is bald-headed.

Prevent hair loss by herbs – safety and effect

Many people misunderstand that the methods of hair care outside such as using expensive shampoo and conditioner, methods of hair incubation and steam will recover hair loss. In reality, strand of hair is only a kind of horned protein; quite have no ability of absorbing nutrients to bring up hair. Therefore, the above solution is only temporarily and not able to solve problem absolutely. There are many treatments for hair loss; however, treating by chemicals or chemical products can cause a lot of unexpected side-effects. So, using the valuable herbs is the effective and absolutely safe method.

Fallopia multiflora

It is a kind of valuable and rare herb, grows in North-west mountainous region where the weather is fresh and pure. It is famous for miraculous effects blackening beard and hair, making skin beautiful in addition to strengthening livers and kidneys, nourishing blood, being laxative and detoxifying.

Fallopia multiflora

Fallopia multiflora


It had the effect of blood tonic and blood circulation. Furthermore, it also supplements vitamin B12, helps head skin be healthy, and prevents hair loss, white hair soon.

Black sesame

From the old days, black sesame is honored with advanced food for the effect of strong body and anti-aging. It contains a large protein content which helps hair with health. Especially, black sesame is very rich in vitamin E, ranks the top of all food. Vitamin E has the effect of antioxidant, improves blood circulation, and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, black sesame also contains black pigment which helps blacken hair.

Rubus cochinchinensis

It is good for digestive system, nourishes viscera, is helpful for semen, detoxifies and stops swelling. Using this herb for a long time will prevent rheumatoid arthritis, make skin beautiful, blacken hair, be comfortable, and be long-lived.

Eclipta alba hassk

It helps fortify the kidneys, strengthen bones, freshen blood, stop the bleeding, detoxify, blacken hair and stimulus hair growth.

Curcuma longa

It helps regulate air, blood, menstruation, the function of large intestine, eliminate pus on thin skin.

Biota Orientalis

It has the effect of stopping the bleeding and preventing body from low temperature.

Biota orientalis

Biota Orientalis

Rehmannia glutinosa libosch

It is good for freshening body, producing blood, freshening blood, and stopping the bleeding.

Vitamin H

It helps hair be healthy and smooth in addition to preventing white hair soon.

Vitamin B5

It helps stop hair loss quickly.

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