Rumors say that real life of the hot star Megan Fox is a version of trite and hollow comics. But, with two movies that about to be launched, this hot actress conquers audience by her ability.

Megan Fox is a hero. Far different to affected women, she is as beautiful as an angel, and can shellac all guys with just a glance. In general, Fox’s charming beauty is a fact that doesn’t need discussing or doubting. So, why do Hollywood filmmakers, studio’s owners, super star making representative companies, or scriptwriters not recognize her beauty and talent? Why do they miss talented factors of this young girl?

Description: Megan Fox – charming star

Megan Fox – a charming star

To find out more clearly, begin with the story of her childhood. Megan Denise Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tenn. on May, 16th 1986. Together with her sister - 12-year older, Fox was brought up in a strict family when she was 10. She studied at a church where she was taught about religious and to avoid bad things. Since she was young, she has understood verities in Old and New Testament. She reveres legendary stories about ‘spitting the sea into two halves’, plague, and tense fights. ‘It seems to be a culture in my family,’ shared she, as a an affirmation of permanent religious faith, especially Christianity: ‘I am really concerned about and want to roll back separation and envy among Christian denominations. Why there is discrimination among different denominations despite similarity and connection in their common religion?’ Religion plays a role as a stable support in Fox’s life. She often attends ceremonies in LA’s church. She said, ‘Church is a place in which there is no discrimination of attendants, a place where everyone is allowed to come to, and a place that has young, energetic, passionate get-togethers. This is the reason why I enjoy moments at the church.’

Description: Megan Fox

There is a paradox that although living in a strict education environment, Fox has been allowed to perform since she was very young. She took part in a dancing course of a community centre near Kingston, Tenn., and solo played a role of the character Dorothy Gale from the play ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (Judy Garland used to be an idol in her childhood). Her parents divorced when she was 5. And at the age of 10, her mom Darlene married again, and the whole family moved to Port St., Lucie, a city at the shore of Altantic coast of Floria, afar from the large Miami state just a short time of driving. She said, ‘This supported me a lot for catalog model job, and I quickly built up my career.’ Fox often use adjectives such as ‘scratched’, ‘lonely’, ‘tired’ when telling about that difficult time. And during the age from 20 to 16, Fox was frequently in detention due to violating rules from escaping from home to driving without license when she was still very young.

Fox shares, ‘Before, I had never been considered as a beautiful girl’. She admitted that she used to dye her hair blue and was ostracized because of peculiarity. Currently, she is global beauty ambassador of Giorgio Armani, perfume product strategies and lotions, and cover page model of many famous magazines such as Elle, Allure and Harper’s Bazzar as well as women fashion brands such as GQ, Esquire and Maxim. Fox told about her growing up, ‘I will fight with my best effort for things I believe to be right, and I am completely sincere with everything although this is not a wise behavior in life. However, I learn that you will easy be played trick if being sincere too quickly.’

Description: Megan Fox

However, for Fox, those sayings become true in her life. For instant, when finding actress for the movie before the Second World War with the role of Mrs. Garland, Fox’s management company introduced her to the manager – a person previously chose her for a few scenes.

One of the biggest projects of that time she attend is three days with minor role for the movie ‘Bad Boys II’ at Miami when she was 15. Before the age of 16, not only had she left high school and graduated by remote training program, but she had also moved to Southern California. ‘This is an agreement between my mom and me. Only when I had graduation qualification did she let me leave Christian school and move to Los Angeles’, said she.  She also shared in an interview in 2009 with David Letterman, ‘I think my mom has to negotiate with me many things until she accept that things which should come will come’. However, Fox’s mom supported her a lot when moving and living with her in a flat at Oakwood.

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