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- How to have natural miscarriage
- Foods That Cause Miscarriage
- Signs Proving You Have Boy Pregnancy

From gardening ideas and phone apps to getting your cutlery sparkling, our tips and shortcuts will help to streamline your life.

Description: garden tools

Garden tools

1.    Trying to give sugar a wide berth?

            If you’re cutting back on sugar, it might be worth trying Sweet Freedom, a fruit syrup that has a low GI, 25 per cent fewer calories than sugar, and is less sweet-tasting than honey. $4 for 350g, available form most supermarkets.

2.    Gloriously satisfying garlic gadget

            If you like slicing rather than crushing garlic, but fear for your fingertips, then the hand-held Zyliss gadget might be for you. With a non-slip base for stability, a storage container so you can prep in advance, and a cap to protect fingers, it guarantees perfectly thin and even slices of garlic. $16, lakeland.co.uk

3.    Give dirty pipes nowhere to hide

            The problem with pouring bleach down plugholes is that it can simply run straight into the drain without touching the sides. The solution? Thuraplug, which holds the bleach in place using a rubber bulb. $13, plugholecleaner.co.uk

4.    No more colour-run catastrophes

            You’ll never have to worry about an accidental red sock sneaking in with your white laundry, if you put a Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheet into the washing machine drum with your clothes. Add detergent as normal, and any loose colour and dirt will be collected and locked in the sheet. $4 for 30 sheets, from most supermarkets.

5.    Flowers can stay sweet

Description: Roses flowers

            Add a dash of vinegar to the water to stop any mould from growing (it’s the mould that causes flower water to smell)

6.    Keep fresh herbs happy

            To keep your cut herbs fresh, wrap them in damp kitchen towel in the salad drawer.

7.    Stop blades blunting

            If you’re scraping bits off your chopping board with a knife before cleaning, use the other side, not the blade side, so you don’t blunt your knife.

            Four garden planning tips

            w&h’s foot editor Jane Curran is also a keen gardener. Here are her tips for getting ahead in the garden.

8.    Get out the secateurs and give your lavender a little “trimette”

            Of course, you did your main prune in August/September, but an extra small chop of any stragglers helps keep a good, bushy shape.

9.    By the end of March, you should be able to plant out perennials.

            Always plant in clumps of odd numbers, for maximum impact.

10.  Feed your fruit trees and bushes with a multipurpose feed, such as Growmore.

            This will give you a better crop later in the year.

11.  If the weather is warming up sufficiently, you can order vegetable plug plants now.

            If you only have room for pots and containers, start with climbing beans.

12.  Have a smashing time

            Dig out all that odd and slightly chipped china from the cupboard. Then have fun smashing it up to use as drainage for your summer pots.

13.  DIY pill pot

            If you want an easy, portable way to carry a few pills – medication, painkillers or vitamins  - an old contact lens case is the perfect size for carrying in your handbag.

14.  Plan ahead for preserving

            Now’s the time to start collecting jars for all that delicious summer preserving – soak to     remove labels, wash in very hot, soapy water, but always store without lids to keep fresh. Or stock up on some classic Le Parfait jars, $21 for a pack of six half-litre jars,from Lakeland.co.uk

            Five apps to give you a helping hand in the garden

15.  Herbs+ ($2.6)

Description: HERBS

            This app lists 60 herbs and spices in an easy-to-follow format, and explains how to cultivate, grow and cook with them, plus medicinal uses.

16.  Landshare by river cottage (free)

            This Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall app aims to encourage growing your own by connecting people who have spare land with those who want to use it.

17.  Pocket guide uk weed ($4)

             An alphabetical list helps you identify more than 60 of the most common weeds – and how to manage them (plus any possible uses they might have)

18.  Gardening toolkit ($2)

            As well as being a glossary and comprehensive gardening encyclopedia, this app reminds you when to tend or harvest, plus has a to-do list for jotting down easily neglected garden tasks.

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