33 Ways To Make Your Life Easier (Part 2)

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- How to have natural miscarriage
- Foods That Cause Miscarriage
- Signs Proving You Have Boy Pregnancy

19.  Landscaper’s companion ($5.2)

Description: Landscaper’s companion

             Offers essential information on more than 8,500 plants, accompanied by 9,000 images. A tap on your chosen plant shows how to cultivate it, plus troubleshooting tips.

20.  Say adios to plastic bags for good

            Keeping a reusable bag in your handbag for impromptu shopping trips really cuts down on the plastic in your life. Envirosax is a range of reusable bags that fold up small, weigh nothing, are super sturdy – and look nice! $8.50, sujiivana.co.uk

21.  Keep silver sparkling

            If you can’t be bothered to polish tarnished silver cutlery, boil it for ten minutes in a saucepan of water, lined with aluminium foil.

22.  Baking-blind boots

            When you’re baking something blind, use foil rather than baking parchment, as it fits snugly into the corners, doesn’t curl up and gives a neater finish.

23.  Banish soggy biscuits

            Put sugar cubes in your biscuit tin to keep them fresher. The cubes will absorb any moisture, which makes your biscuit last longer.

24.  Seeking Easter inspiration?

Description: Easter Party Inspiration

Easter Party Inspiration

            These easy makes from homes editor Alison Davidson will infuse your home with the Easter spirit.

            Beautiful Bottles Transform old glass bottles into gorgeous vases by pouring a water-based paint in through a funnel, a little bit at a time, adding water if needed. Replace the lid, swirl the paint around until all surfaces are covered and pour out any excess. Allow to dry.

            Decorative NEST Display eggs in a nest – try it yourself or ask your local florist – it makes a great gift. Shape twigs around a mixing bowl to make the base, using thin wire or dark thread to secure.

            Sandpaper tricks

            Five new uses for sandpaper

25.  Jam jar unjammer

            Can’t get the marmalade lid to budge? Place sandpaper over the top and twist. You’ll be out of a jam in a jiffy.

26.  Grotty grout cleaner

            Fold a piece of medium-grit sandpaper in half, rough-side out, and use the creased edge to scrub out the stains in the bathroom tile grout.

27.  Suede saver

            Spruce up a suede bag by linghtly buffing dried water spots with fine-grain sandpaper.

28.  Bobble banisher

            Wipe fine-grain sandpaper over a sweater in one direction – gently! – to lift pesky pills.

29.  Sole scuffer

            Slippery soles can cause slapstick falls, if you’re not careful. Guard against this by rubbing medium-grain sandpaper over the bottoms of new shoes to give some traction.

            Golden rules of spring cleaning

            From Rachel Simhon, author of The Home Handbook, out 15 March (Bloomsbury)


Description: spring cleaning

30.  The only way is down

            Start at the top of the house and work down. As you finish each room, shut the door to keep the dust out. Clean downstairs in the same way, ending with the hallway. By working methodically, you’ll know the whole house is clean.

31.  Clean like a pro

            This is how chambermaids were taught to clean at The Savoy. First, stand at the door to see what needs doing – whether dusting, mopping or vacuuming, the rules are left to right, top to bottom and back to font.

32.  Step away from the wall

            Thinking about washing that grimy wall? Don’t bother. It’s much quicker and easier just to repaint. And as for washing ceilings… are you mad? Remember, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all in one go or even in spring.

33.  If you only do one thing…

            Make sure you clean the windows. Use warm water with a drop of vinegar and a drop of washing-up liquid. Wash the windows, then use a rubber-bladed squeegee to remove the water. Wipe any small streaks with a dry cloth.

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