Fox quickly escaped from family’s barriers and gives her whole mind to work for things she describes as ‘tiny things that do not bring much success.’ Thanks to being casted as the character Carla Santini, together with Lindsay Lohan in the movie ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ (produced in 2004), helped Fox have a role of another movie about love between mom and daughter. Since Fox had enough money to pay her rent, she has been able to live independently.

Description: Megan Fox and Lohan in the movie ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’

Megan Fox and Lohan in the movie ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’

Since self-reliant of finance, Fox has speeded up on her professional art. In the sitcom movie of ABC, the Hope and Faith, she played a part of Sydney Shanowski in both seasons. At the age of 18, she met her future husband - Brian Austin Green – who is a main actor of the film Beverly Hills, 90210 – old version. ‘I was too young to remember how Beverly Hills is, and I also did not know who he was, but when meeting him, I knew that I loved him,’ shares Fox. And they got married in 2010. Fox sloughed with a role of Mikaela Banes in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009, take part in different kinds of movies such as ‘How to lose friend and alienate people’ in 2008, ‘Jennifer’s body’ in 2009, ‘Jonah Hex’ in 2010 and ‘Passion Play’ in 2011. I always choose roles different from previous ones,’ told her. And at this time, she also attends plenty of interviews having director and ordnance with quality suitable for her criterion.

Fox said, ‘I would rather work with talented people in a normal film than with bad ones.’ This expression is showed through her attendance in the movie ‘Friend with kids’. It is a comedy of a director who is also an actress, scriptwriter, and producer - Jennifer Westfeld (a famous star for the film ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’ in 2002). ‘Friend with kids’ talks about the story of two middle-aged close friends deciding to have a child while keeping the pure relationship so as to avoid being involved in half-laughing half crying in love relationship. In this role, Fox acts as a hot dancer girlfriend of Adam Scott, and becomes one of the brilliant charming images. ‘Most people in the group are close to one another – Kristen (in role ofi Wiig) and Maya (in role of Rudolph) are two intimate friends – the working atmosphere is so warm, friendly, and lovely’, told Fox. She expressed her interest in playing part in comedies. She also plays a part as a guest in the films ‘The Dictator’ of Sacha Baron Cohen and ‘This is forty’ of Judd Apatow this year.

Description: Megan Fox

But those are marginal stories. In fact, when you look thoroughly at Fox’s appealing blue eyes and compare them to the solar system’s brightness, you can feel that she is not a normal person.

The first thing to be mentioned is Fox’s love for comics. It origins from her childhood’s hobbies about hero stories and interesting adventures in which people fight for the right and justice. Her most favorite stories include Gen 13 – talking about a special team if five youths having supernatural abilities to rescue the world – and Witchblade – talking about the firm female NYPD crime detector who has strength from a supernatural impurity. Currently, Fox is also taking part in development process of ‘Fathom’, a film series of an artist that Fox admires – Michael Turner – the writer of Witchblade versions. She accepted to join as the main role for this movie.

Fox has had passion of ancient culture since she heard about the Ancient Egypt at Bible. She said, ‘after hearing, I just want to dig the archaeology’. She supposes that archaeology can answer big mysteries that are usually covered by scientists and governments. ‘You think that everything is allowed to be announced, do you?’ said she. She was happy to show that, ‘besides, you know that my favorite movie is ‘Ancient Aliens’, a film on History Channel talking about the theory of relationship between people and outer-space creatures.

Description: Megan Fox

Obviously, like Clark Kein and Roswell’s talents, Fox is being hunted in the field of art. Like them, Fox has a wonderful beauty, comes from a small village, has an undeniable distinctive talent, ‘I have a special ability to make everything come true’, answered Fox frostily. Like them, she used to spend an isolated childhood – a similarity of most superheroes.

When being asked what supernatural power she would have desired if having become a hero in comic, she answered as quickly as lightning: ‘invisibility’. She explained more that ‘Invisibility will help you have advantages in almost all cases, especially in difficult situations. I always want to have supernatural ability, but it is a favor.’ Fox is gradually shaping herself as an upstart Hollywood star, and she believes that she has supernatural ability. In fact, is this right? Perhaps this is the question that every audience is waiting to observe.

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