Ways To Have 40 Safe Weeks Of Pregnancy

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The following is the top to-do list that can provide the safest pregnancy.

Week 1

If you haven’t taken vitamin in addition, it’s time you did so. Provide yourself with 400mg folic acid a day (600mg to pregnant women).

In the first week of pregnancy, you should provide yourself with acid folic.

In the first week of pregnancy, you should provide yourself with acid folic.

Week 2

Make plans about the most sensible and healthiest diet.

Week 3

If there’s any of your family members having history of bad pregnancy (genetic disorder), you should have a conversation with your doctor.

Week 4

You should know that you’re pregnant for real. It’s high time you had bras that are dedicated to pregnant women. The breast will get considerably bigger in the first month of pregnancy.

Week 5

Have tests to specify the pregnancy. In many cases, you have to wait till the 8th week of pregnancy to define fetal heartbeat. 

Week 6

Some women might tell their family members about the news from this week. However, it’s possible that women can still have miscarriage in the 14th week of pregnancy. To make sure about the news, you should hold it longer.

Week 7

Study about maternity, consider about the insurance to have gestational and postnatal priority.

Week 8

Take ultrasound test to define fetal heartbeat and know whether the gestation is entopic or ectopic.

Week 9

Join in antenatal class to know ways to take care of the pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.

Week 10

Take part in classes that help you to know how to breastfeed and look after newborns if necessary.

Pregnant women should take pregnancy test after knowing that they’re pregnant.

Pregnant women should take pregnancy test after knowing that they’re pregnant.

Week 11

Take Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) to have information about genes and chromosomes before having amniocentesis. That test can be done around the 10th- 12th week of pregnancy.

Week 12

You can take nuchal translucency tests to specify the risk of Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities.

Week 13

At that time, you are at the second trimester of pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is very low. So, you can prepare to welcome the baby from now on.

Week 14

Take part in yoga classes dedicated for pregnant women. Yoga is very good for pregnant women as it helps them reduce muscle pain and is the best support of the labor. You can buy maternity clothes because the bump has been getting bigger already.

Week 15

Ask doctors about tests that are necessary to pregnancy, such as: abnormal chromosome and neural tube defect screening tests (the triple tests) if possible. Those tests can be done around the 15th- 20th week.

Week 16

Make plans about the labor (choose a hospital, a birth method, find an obstetrician…).

You should be well-prepared for the birth of your child.

You should be well-prepared for the birth of your child.

Week 17

Prepare financial condition for the labor.

Week 18

The week between the 14th - 20th week is the time doctors ask you to take amniocentesis if you’re over 35 years old in order to do chromosome disorder screening (Down syndrome and spinal bifida).

Week 19

This is the most time to define fetal sex which can be done by ultrasound tests. Many people are able to know the sex of their fetuses in the 13th week of pregnancy.

Week 20

This is the most relaxing time of pregnancy, so you can have a short trip with your husband.

Week 21

Though the birth date is still pretty far at the moment, you should ask experienced people for advice.

Week 22

Think about the one you would like to spend with during the labor and have a talk with your husband about it.

Week 23

Attend antenatal course to learn how to breath and labor (those thing should be done before the 36th or 37th week of pregnancy).

Week 24

Start buying necessary things for newborns from now on; you should buy the expensive ones first, such as the crib, the cradle…. You also need to prepare a room for the children and have plans about the preparation.

Week 25

Buy more maternal clothes as your dump get very big at the moment.

Buy more maternal clothes since your bump is getting bigger.

Buy more maternal clothes since your bump is getting bigger.

Week 26

From the 26th – 28th weeks, pregnant women should have blood sugar tests to specify the risk of gestational diabetes.

Week 27

Find someone to help you out during and after the labor.

Week 28

From This week goes, Obstetricians will ask you to take regular pregnancy tests, 1 each 2-3 week. And, your job is to follow their instructions to keep you fetus safe.

Week 29

Buy necessary things for the future baby and labor stuffs (newborn clothes, diapers, towel, clothes to wear during the laboring…).

Week 30

 Attend prenatal classes. You shouldn’t delay doing that.

Week 31

Ask your obstetricians for labor methods.

Week 32

Learn how to bath newborns. This work is not simple at all.

Week 33

Consider about the maternity leave.

Week 34

Wash and classify baby clothes to prepare for the future baby.

Week 35

Make plans about cooking during and after labor (at that time, you’re not strong enough for the cooking and you need help).

Week 36

See your obstetrician weekly for pregnancy test.

Pack the clothes when seeing any of labor sign.

Pack the clothes when seeing any of labor sign.

Week 37

Pack the clothes for the preparation of labor when you see the signs of it.

Week 38

If you want to breastfeed your child, read more to find the way to take care of the breast after labor so that you can have milk as fast as possible.

Week 39

If you haven’t had the maternal leave, you should get it now because it’s very possible that you’ll have a labor the next day.

Week 40

Check everything and look for the sign of labor.

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