There are some simple ways to have a healthy body such as standing on one foot to brush teeth, limiting to comb hair, or opening window when going to bed.

Description: Have a snack before going to bed

Have a snack before going to bed

1.     Stand on one food to brush teeth

Standing like that will firm muscle and protect the back. This exercise also maintains balance and improves body shape. First of all, stand on left foot until you feel tired and turn to the right foot.

2.     Put mirror on working desk in front of you

Sometimes looking in the mirror will help you know if you sit in wrong positions; otherwise, it causes neck pain, backache and shoulder pain. Looking yourself in the mirror reminds you to turn to right positions.

3.     Buy shoes in the end of the day

Your feet are often swelled after long working day and also due to heat. Buying shoes in the end of the day means that you choose a pair of shoes when your feet are biggest. That will fit you most.

Description: You should buy shoes in the end of the day.

You should buy shoes in the end of the day.

4.     Have a snack before going to bed

When food is over, body will take sugar from reserved energy and that can cause headache. By eating a bowl of cereal before bed, you can remove the risk of headache.

5.     Bring allergic medicine when going out

Whenever going out all day, especially in the summer, you should bring allergic medicine with you. It will be useful when you are bitten by insects and if using medicine immediately, they will decrease itch effectively. Waiting until going home to take medicine will make condition more uncomfortable and difficult to treat.

6.     Brush teeth before having breakfast

During sleeping, bacteria and dental plates will be created on teeth. If you eat breakfast immediately without brushing teeth, bacteria will proliferate quickly thanks to sugar and acid in foods, and then increase the risk of dental caries.

7.     Use sunscreen every day

There are many benefits when using sunscreen even in the winter in order to protect skin from UV. Sunscreen does not need high level of SPF, 15 to 20 is okay. But in the summer, you should use one having SPF 30 – 40, even the sun is not blazing like that.

8.     Wear ear plugs when using lawn mower

You may not care but these operations have quite high sound intensity – intensity over 85 decibels will make ears deaf while that of mower can be up to 94 decibels. Whenever doing noisy work, you should wear ear plugs.

9.     Take glasses off to reduce fatigue

With short-sighted people, when feeling tired, take glasses off in a few minutes, stop what you are doing such as reading book, looking on computer screen, and close the eyes. That will stretch eye muscle, reduce muscle strain, and remove fatigue.

10.  Take off coat when working

If wearing suit, take jacket off as soon as possible. Any tight jackets make body uncomfortable and have backache. That makes you breathe by upper half of lungs causing shoulder pain and shortness of breath.

Description: Do not use mouthwash right after brushing teeth.

Do not use mouthwash right after brushing teeth.

11.  Spit out and do not use mouthwash after brushing teeth

When brushing teeth, you should spit out, and do not wash anything in your mouth. Washing will decrease effect of fluoride because you will remove fluoride out. Therefore, you should not use mouthwash right after brushing teeth.

12.  Lie on right side to prevent indigestion

When you eat too full or have indigestion, lie on the right side. Esophagus is linked with stomach on the left side of the body, so lie on the right side to help food move better through digestive tract.

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