“Skinny fat” – sounds like diet coffee, right?

In fact, “skinny fat” is a term of trainers to indicate people who are slim but they are not muscular. They look great in costumes and health photos. They persist that they can eat any dishes they like and show off that they have never gone to the gym to keep fit. However, a flabby and weak body is under that appearance.

There are a large number of fashion designers, models and magazines which insist that fat is ugly; women shouldn’t have muscles and slim body is definitely ideal. That is the reason why skinny fat is developed dramatically in fashion world and women who are concerned about stature. However, according to health professionals, this phenomenon could bring to many serious health alerts.

Description: You need to do exercises regularly to keep a reasonable level of unnecessary fat and support the heart to work well.

You need to do exercises regularly to keep a reasonable level of unnecessary fat and support the heart to work well.

Potential risks

“Having a slim appearance doesn’t mean that you are not fat inside” – Lenka Halgasova, fitness coach and London Gym the Reebok Club director – “Many thin women think that it’s not necessary to do exercise frequently and eat nutritiously, which makes them run a risk of severe diseases when they grow old, though their appearance doesn’t have a sign of a overweight body. 

Cakes or snack food rich of different kinds of fat may not affect to hips and thighs of skinny fat women, but it can be ensured that redundant fat will stagnate in internal organs and cause the diabetes type 2 and heart problems like heart disease. You need to do exercises regularly to keep a reasonable level of unnecessary fat and support the heart to work well. If not, your health will be threatened soon.

Balance problem

Plump women are often subjective with the body, so they avoid going to the gym or keeping in shape. It will be a problem for health and aging later. “To have a swift, slim and healthy body, you need to balance the rate of fat and muscle in your body.” – Halgasova said. “Muscles will help the skin look healthy and avoid wrinkles and flabbiness when being old. Slim women often think that they have perfect bodies, so they forget to do exercises. Honestly, they should notice that they can’t keep fit and their freshness as long as they think.”

Do exercises to have a healthy life

It’s never too late to avoid the trap which is thinking about skinny fat. Halgasova said: “There are some women who are lazy to go to the gym and eat freely what they want, some just stop eating harmful food but they can’t have gym due to the busy life…However, just few skills of planning to eat and practice along with efforts, you can get your perfect health.”

The main massage that experts send to you is that: You can’t evaluate your health through your current image and even changes inside your body also play a role in your healthy life.

Description: Do exercises to have a healthy life

Do exercises to have a healthy life

Tips to avoid skinny fat

1.   Slim appearance goes with good health

Plan to eat nutritiously and do exercises. You will have an impeccable body with slim, muscular and sexy body as well as healthy skin, hair and nails.

2.   Do exercises for strength

Exercises combining heart beats and strength during the practice process will help burn redundant fat and develop muscles.

3.   Plan balanced meals

Supplement protein regularly to help muscle tissues develop quickly.

4.   Practice to live slowly

Busy life makes you skip meals, replace them by snack food and forget exercises. Begin good habits with your health.

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