Cardio-only workouts: days 1,3 and 5

As you run harder, bike faster or climb higher the intensity of the exercise, the longer your metabolism will stay elevated afterward. That doesn't mean you get a free pass for a piece of cheesecake, but you will get a mini metabolic lift if you add bursts of time (intervals) during which you push your limits.

Description: Cardio-only workouts

For the following plans, choose any cardio activity, either outdoors or on cardio equipment in the gym. If you use cardio equipment, set the machine to manual and change the resistance, speed or incline to reach the indicated intensity.


Exercise: Warm-up, Time 5 min, Inetensity RPE 3, Total Calories burned 130 – 315 (walking)

Exercise: Steady pace, Time 20 - 50 min, Inetensity RPE 4 - 6, Total Calories burned 280 - 690 (running)

Exercise: Cool - down, Time 5 min, Inetensity RPE 3


Exercise: Warm-up, Time 10 min, Inetensity RPE 3, Total Calories burned 170 - 288 (walking)

Exercise: Steady pace, Time 20 - 35 min, Inetensity Alternate between 30 seconds at RPE 4 and 30 seconds at RPW 7 - 8, Total Calories burned 160 - 568 (running)

Exercise: Cool - down, Time 5 min, Inetensity RPE 3

Challenge circuit: Days 2,4 and 6

The Challenge Circuit alternates six minutes of cardio with supersets of strength exercises. (See over page)

Description: Challenge circuit

Each cardio bout should start with three minutes at an easy pace (RPE 3). Then crank up your intensity level for each of the remaining three minutes, increasing your speed, incline or resistance. Follow this schedule on Challenge days:

Warm-up: 6 minutes cardio

Superset 1: 6 minutes cardio

Superset 2: 6 minutes cardio

Superset 3: 6 minutes cardio (optinal)


Strength surge

Why just do lunges when you can do a lunge and a torso twist? Instead of only working your legs and butt, you'll work your abs too. By engaging more than one muscle group at once, you burn more calories in less time.

Description: Instead of only working your legs and butt, you'll work your abs too

As part of your Challenge Circuit, unless otherwise noted do either 10-15 reps of each move or perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds, going on to the next move without resting in between moves. Alternate these two techniques during the week.

Superset 1: 1 & 2moves

Squat, Jump Combo

Stand, feet hip-width apart, holding a 2- to 4kg medicine ball in front of chest, elbows bent, abs pulled in, chest lifted. Extend arms and ball overhead, then bend knees, lowering hips until thighs are as close to parallel to ground as possible [A]. Straighten legs to start position, still holding ball overhead, and repeat for time or reps. Then put ball down and bend knees into a squat. Straighten legs and jump, driving arms above head [B]. Land and immediately bend knees, bringing arms back down to sides and lowering into a squat. Repeat for time or reps.

Description: Squat, Jump Combo

Squat, Jump Combo

Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, calves, upper back and shoulders

Push-up Combo

Kneel with knees under hips and wrists slightly forward and to the side of your shoulders, arms straight, not locked. Extend both legs behind you, balancing on balls of feet (if that's too hard, keep knees on ground). Pull abs in and press hips slightly forward so torso forms a straight line from head to heels (or hips). Bend elbows, lowering chest toward ground, until elbows align with shoulders [A]. Straighten arms and repeat for time or reps. Then, with knees on ground, bend elbows and do a push-up. As arms straighten, push off the ground so hands leave ground in a plyo push-up [B]. Place hands on ground and repeat for time or reps (if this is too difficult, do plyo push-up with hands on a step).

Description: Push-up Combo

Push-up Combo

Strengthens chest, front shoulders and triceps

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