The following prompts in daily activities will help you have healthy and safe pregnancy.

1.     Brush teeth

Pregnancy will lead to some changes to mouth and teeth. It can easily make you inflamed, bleed and contaminate bacteria. You should ensure to brush your teeth twice a day. You gargle with salt water that is diluted after each time of brushing teeth.

 Pregnant women should ensure to brush their teeth twice a day.

 Pregnant women should ensure to brush their teeth twice a day.

2.     Try to be comfortable in office

Check chair and choose posture that you can sit comfortably with computer. If you want to reduce work or avoid hard and harmful work, you can talk to your boss.

3.     Say “no” with wine absolutely

A little can also be harmful to fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid wine and drinks containing alcohol like beer…

4.     Go to bed early

You shouldn’t stay up late because pregnancy will make you not get enough sleep, fatigue, and stress that are harmful to fetus.

Pregnant women should go to bed early.

Pregnant women should go to bed early.

5.     Practice for legs

Turn toes clockwise – anticlockwise, message ankle many times in a day, especially when you have to stand for cramp. You can message your legs when you are sitting on your desk or watching TV. In addition, you can put your legs on pile of newspaper when you are sitting to work.

6.     Keep body not lose water

The principle is that you should drink at least 8 cups of water a day (about 200ml/cup) every day. It will help your skin elastic and isn’t lost water.

7.     Provide pregnant drug that is correct with direction

You need about 400mcg folic acids/ day during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Besides, kinds of vitamin, other additional medicines that are appointed by doctors also require pregnant women to obey very strictly. I don’t willingly provide or not provide medicine when you have doctor’s instruction.

8.     Avoid wearing clothes close in waist

When womb becomes big, you should choose dresses that are comfortable and have good elasticity, especially dresses that aren’t close in waist.

9.     Eat cranberry fruit

Urinary infection is very popular to pregnant women. Cranberry fruits help reduce bacteria that cause urinary infection at maximum rate.

10.  Nutritious vitamins

Vitamins that are made from fresh fruits can both provide many nutrients and satisfy feeling of craving sweet to pregnant women. You yourself can process grape, orange, peach, pear and apple juices…

11.  Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast that is rich in protein and starch such as meat soup, bread, boiled egg… will help maintain energy in a long day.

12.  Avoid backache

You should put a pillow behind back if you work in your office all day. If you have to lift furniture, you should fold your knees (not bend). You should ask your husband to message back, shoulder, nape… after a working day.

Putting a pillow behind back will help pregnant women reduce backache.

Putting a pillow behind back will help pregnant women reduce backache.

13.  Don’t wear high- heels

In pregnancy, hormones make legs’ ligaments be loose. Hence, legs and ankles are easily swelled and painful. So, you shouldn’t wear high-heels as well as sandal with many strings that tie closely.

14.  Choose cool costumes

In pregnancy, gaining weight will make blood circulation increase and you will have hot feeling. In pregnancy, especially in summer, you should choose costumes whose cloth is cool, light and easy to absorb sweat like some natural materials: cotton that can help skin breath easily.

In summer, you should choose costumes whose cloth is cool, light and easy to absorb sweat

In summer, you should choose costumes whose cloth is cool, light and easy to absorb sweat

15.  Provide fiber

Pregnant women tend to have constipation because digestive system is made slow. Therefore, pregnant women should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits as well as kinds of cake and grain that are provided with fiber.

16.  Say no with spices

In the third quarter, when valve in the beginning of stomach easily opens and causes reflux, you should avoid fried foods with a lot of oil, foods with a lot of fat and spices.

17.  Reinforce vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D and calcium are 2 important substances for fetus’s teeth and bones. So, you should add fish containing oil, milk and yoghurt in nutritious diet every day. In addition, you shouldn’t forget to go out because sunlight is the best source that sums up vitamin D for body.

18.  Give up carbonated beverages

You should avoid carbonated beverages because they contain a lot of sugar and caffeine.

You should avoid carbonated beverages

You should avoid carbonated beverages

19.  Be active

Practicing will help maintain figure for not only pregnancy but also after giving birth. However, pregnancy isn’t ideal time for you to begin a new sport. You should keep on walking, practicing yoga and movements that are advised to be safe to pregnant women.

20.  Take care of skin

Changes of hormones in pregnancy make quantity of oil in skin lose balance. Hence, you should spend time taking care of your skin. But, you should pay attention to choose cosmetics that are safe for pregnant women.

21.  Choose undershirt

In pregnancy, your breast will become bigger and uncomfortable. Consequently, you should choose undershirt that is elastic and suitable. Normally, in the second quarter normal bras will not suitable to change of breast any more.

22.  Prevent hemorrhoids

Constipation can lead to hemorrhoids. You should drink enough water and eat enough fiber to prevent constipation every day. If constipation lasts, you should go to see doctor.

23.  Nosh in pregnancy

To overcome attack of pregnancy, pregnant women should eat less but regularly. You should avoid the case that you are too full or too hungry.

24.  Kegel exercise

Practicing Kegel will help muscles in bottom of hipbones become strong and healthful and urinating trouble after giving birth. You are hollow as if you are enduring urination, count to 10 and then let your body loose.

25.  Meet your friends

Experts advise you to often share with friends, colleagues, group of pregnant women in forum to get experience as well as reduce stress.

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