During pregnancy, the sweat secretion of sweat glands will strongly operate and make pregnant women sweat more than normal people; one out of five water amounts was discharged. Therefore, pregnant women need to keep the body clean, especially sensitive parts that are easily have sweat abeyance like in the chest, bellybutton, armpit, the closed areas and G areas.


Taking care of the chest area is an important thing and not allowed to skip because it can directly affect milk quality in the future. To clean the chest, pregnant women can use warm water and gently towel it. Never strongly rub the nipples to avoid uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

Pregnant women need to keep the body clean.

Pregnant women need to keep the body clean.


This is the direct connection between pregnant women and their fetuses so it’s worth cleaning. To clean the area, pregnant women can use cotton swab, wet the cotton swab with clean water and gently clean the button. Never rub the button strongly or it’ll be injured and infected.


In pregnancy, many pregnant women are not happy with the armpit because that area will have darker skin then others, which lead to the feeling that it’s not clean, especially in summer. The reason is due to hormone changes, the melanin secretion of pituitary glands, which helps increase the pigmentation, although, the phenomenon will disappear after birth. To clean to armpit area, pregnant women should use warm water and soap gently clean the area.

Closed area

When pregnant, the body increases secreting estrogen and progesterone, making the vaginal discharge more fluid so that it’s always wet. Therefore, keeping the vagina clean all the time is one of the most important things that can bring you a healthy pregnancy. You’d better clean the area every day with clean water and reduce sanitizing solution, cleaning deep inside the vagina or using shower gels that are too sensitive.     

Taking shower after eating full can directly affect the digestive system, in the worse situation, it can cause blood sugar decrease and bad effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

Taking shower after eating full can directly affect the digestive system, in the worse situation, it can cause blood sugar decrease and bad effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

Notes that pregnant women should take of when taking shower

Avoid showering after eating full: showering after eating full will make the blood vessels expand, which makes the blood go under and lead to poor blood supply to digestion. In the worse situation, it can bring sudden hypoglycemia to pregnant women.

Do not take shower when the blood pressure is getting low: In pregnancy, pregnant women often feel tired. If you feel tired and find that your blood pressure is low, you need to take a break before showering. That’s because showering when blood pressure is low will make the blood vessels expand and make the blood hardly go to the brain and fetus, which can cause unexpected result to mother and child.

Pregnant women should sunbath for too long.

Pregnant women should sunbath for too long.

Be careful in the beach: Though the fresh air and airy space of the beach is very good for pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women need to consider these following notes: do not let the body in dehydration which can reduce the blood transfer to fetuses; limit drinking seawater as seawater can increase the level of salt in blood, which leads to erythrocyte rupture or contraction that decreases the amount of blood in circulation and not having enough blood and oxygen to provide to fetuses; avoid spending long time in the sea or sunbathing for too long because it can bring cold to pregnant women and affect fetuses, etc.

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