Familiar foods in the garden such as fresh lemon, ginger are capable of treating morning sickness effectively.

Top familiar foods for treating morning sickness effectively

Fresh lemon

Sipping a glass of water containing a few slices of fresh lemon is also an effective way of anti-nausea. Even when you are feeling nauseated, just sniff fresh lemon. The fresh lemon slices will also make you comfortable during morning sickness period.

Fresh lemon

Or, you can apply following remedy for morning sickness treatment by lemon: Peel 500g fresh lemon and remove the seeds, cut into small pieces, mix them up with sugar or honey, leave the mixture in one day. Then burn in small fire until the water runs out, let cool, add a little white sugar. Put the mixture into a glass jar for gradually using. When you have feeling of nausea, eating 1-2 spoons can help reduce it.

Ginger helps reducing feeling of nausea

Ginger has been proved to have capability of anti-nausea. A research in 2010 in Sidney shows that beside the effect of reducing feeling of nausea, ginger also limits severity and helps you vomit less if any… You can eat ginger candy, drink ginger tea or ginger alcohol.

Ginger and products made of ginger help treat morning sickness effectively.


Try eating banana for breakfast because banana is very rich in potassium and is well-known as one of the substances capable of "crushing" feeling of nausea.


Tamarind against nausea

Tamarind is not only used in cooking many nutritious foods in summer but also used as an effective medicine to treat morning sickness and anorexia for pregnant women. To improve the uncomfortable feeling in the first stage of pregnancy, you can do the following way:

·         Ingredients: 30g tamarind, 10g white sugar

·         Scrape tamarind and put into a pot to cook with 300ml water, boil thoroughly until 200ml water remains, decant the water and remove the residue. Add sugar and stir the liquid, divide to drink 3 times/day. Drink continuously in several days.


Regulations to reduce morning sickness

Eat many meals a day

One of effective ways against morning sickness is that you should not eat too much in a meal. Experts advise you to eat about 5 meals per day and eat only a little for each meal. This way of eating makes you not too full or too hungry. Remember that empty stomach also increases the feeling of nausea. Foods rich in protein or carbohydrates help to fight morning sickness effectively.

It is best that you always keep some slices of bread or biscuit and a glass of milk near your bed in case you feel hungry at night or in early morning.

Pregnant women should eat many meals in a day instead of 3 main ones as usual.

Pregnant women should eat many meals in a day instead of 3 main ones as usual.

Do not forget to drink water

The water amount needed for your body is from 1.5 – 2 liters. You should try to drink water between the meals not drink in the meal.

Supplement foods rich in nutrients

You should eat foods containing high content of nutrients such as lean pork, egg, milk, poultry, seafood, clam; all kinds of fruit and vegetable rich in vitamins and easy for digestion like tomato, cabbage, orange.

Holding mint candy in your mouth

Eating butter biscuit and mint candy is not a bad idea.

Supplement vitamin

In some cases, taking about 50mg vitamin B5 per day is a very good way. However, ask for advice from your doctor first.

Do not forget snack

Finally, always keep around you or in your bag a snack to eat when feeling nauseated. Peanut or some other kinds of nut such as melon seed, salted dry apricot… also help reduce your nauseated feeling.

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