Some notes in daily life will help you and your husband increase the chances of conception.

Reduce stress

Stress can slow down or prevent the ovulation. Women who frequently have stress usually have irregular ovulation cycle. And trying to have a baby increases the level of stress, pushes you into a vicious circle. Some researches show that stress affects the amount of testosterone and sperm production of man. And it proves that controlling stress can increase your chances of conception.

Sweet drinks reduce stress and aggression

Sweet drinks reduce stress and aggression

A research with the participation of 97 women, after 2 months of treatment and artificial insemination in test-tube showed: women who used stress-controlled methods had the rate of conception 52%, and those not, the rate was 20%. The reason has not been proved clearly but stress can cause contraction in uterus and have other influences to conception. Those women who joined in this research spent 10 weeks in relaxing, exercising, controlling stress, group activities… Exercising to reduce stress is good, but you should go to see a doctor to make a stress-controlled schedule for the best.


If you are too thin meaning your body mass index (BMI) is under 19, your body will not have enough lipids to ovulate normally. Some research showed that too thin people might conceive more slowly 4 times than normal one. Otherwise, if you are too heavy, your BMI is over 25, your body will change the way of hormone production, increase male hormone and prevent conception. The idea BMI for conception is 21-24. Keep your husband healthy too. Obesity in men can reduce the amount of sperm and testosterone. The idea BMI for him is 18-24.

Do exercise

Doctors advise that you should take gentle exercises 4 hours/week and try to keep your heartbeat under 140. If women do exercise too much can change the amount of hormone, stop menstruation and ovulation. If men take such heavy exercises as marathon, long-distance cycling, it can reduce the amount of sperm.

Stop smoking

Tobacco can damage the ovary because the poison in its smoke contacts directly to the ovary and reduces the blood supplying for the ovary. Tobacco smoke also increases the risk of miscarriage and paracyesis. In fact, smoking women will have menopause 4 years sooner than normal ones. Smoking also reduces the amount of testosterone and sperm in men.

Tobacco can damage the ovary.

Tobacco can damage the ovary.

Be careful with seafood

The high amount of mercury in seafood can lose the fertility. You should avoid kinds of fish containing much mercury such as shark, mackerel, and swordfish. Do not eat over 2 meals with fish per week.

Skip soy-bean

Soy-bean contains a high amount of estrogen. If you eat too much soy-bean, you will have enough estrogen to prevent ovulation.

Drink less coffee

Drink over 5 cups of coffee per day can decrease the chances of conception and increase the risk of miscarriage in women. You should reduce drinking coffee to 2 cups/day.

You should reduce drinking coffee to 2 cups/day.

You should reduce drinking coffee to 2 cups/day.

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