What should pregnant women do to be healthy, get rid of stress, control the morning sickness, and still work well?

Deal with morning sickness

Anyone had morning sickness knows that you can have it anytime in day. This is the worst symptom of pregnancy. So how can you control and prevent it to not affect to daily work?

Avoid unpleasant agents

If the smell of coffee makes you want to vomit, then stay away from kitchen or cafeteria. Avoid foods that make you feel sick. There is nothing worse than every 5 minutes you have to vomit once.

If the smell of coffee makes you want to vomit, then stay away from kitchen or cafeteria

If the smell of coffee makes you want to vomit, then stay away from kitchen or cafeteria

Frequent snack

Split into multiple meals. Eat snack, candy or a few drops of lemon juice.

Drink much water

Drink plenty of water will make you less nausea. Drink water of ginger to relieve discomfort.

A bit slow is okay

It allows you to have more time to get ready for a new day. Go to work hurriedly can make you want to vomit more.

Sleep enough

The more you feel tired, the more you want to vomit. Go to bed early and make sure to sleep well.

Deal with fatigue

Fatigue is common symptom during pregnancy. Use these tips to deal with these symptoms:

Regular short breaks

Keep yourself comfortable and awake by regular breaks. You can get up to go around, relax your eyes for less strain.

Change your schedule

You can feel more tired in the morning or afternoon and not enough energy to work. So take that time to do easier things.

Reduce outdoor activities

This gives you a chance to rest more when finish a day working. You can order online or hire a charwoman to do housework.

Regular exercise

Although exercise is the last thing you think of at the end of the day, it will help you get energy, especially when you sit at your desk all day. Take a walk after work or participate in prenatal fitness class is a good idea.

Pregnant women should rest regularly during working time.

Pregnant women should rest regularly during working time.

Control the stress

For many people, stress is very difficult to control. Try to limit stress by doing the following:

Make a list

A list will help you know which work is priority, and which can be leaved.

Get help

You can be out of problems with helps from your colleagues and friends

Be joyful

Try to be comfortable anytime. You can talk to everyone to dispel the strained working atmosphere.

Avoid stress at work during pregnancy

Avoid stress at work during pregnancy

Create comfort

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable at work. Therefore, note the following:


An armchair with a cushion at the back will make it more comfortable to sit for hours. You should pay attention, especially the last three month because it harder to go around comfortably.


If your job requires you to stand for a long time, blood easily flows to feet, causing dizziness and back pain. Take a rest frequently. Remember to wear sneakers for your feet to be comfortable.

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