Drinking enough water during pregnancy will bring many benefits that you cannot forecast.

Drinking water brings many benefits for everyone, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women are suggested to drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day (equal to 8 glasses of water). Besides fresh water, drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice is also good for pregnant women.

Water brings many benefits for pregnant women.

Water brings many benefits for pregnant women.

Here are great uses of water for pregnant women:

Water helps to provide nutrients to fetuses

Have you ever wondered how nutrients that you absorb every day into the body can come to babies? The answer is thanks to water. Water creates condition of absorbing necessary nutrients to cells, as well as transporting vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and hormones to blood cells. Nutrients in blood cells will be sent to placenta to nourish babies. All activities are supported by water.

Water assists to operate digestive system

Not only does water help to provide nutrients for body and send them to fetuses, but it also assists to operate digestive system, excrete scum in your body. Drinking enough water will help your urination and defecation be more convenient and follow scientific process. Drinking enough water during pregnancy also help women prevent risk of urinary tract infection – a common disease in pregnancy.

Water helps women prevent risk of urinary tract infection.

Water helps women prevent risk of urinary tract infection.

Water makes body be comfortable

Water makes cooling system in your body operate effectively and distribute redundant heat (in form of sweat). This benefit decreases risk of headache during pregnancy.

Good for skin

Do you know when the skin trends to worsen during pregnancy, water is savior? Drinking sufficient water will improve pigmentation, and reduce the risk of itch, stretch marks, dry, and acnes in pregnant period. Water also helps woman’s skin smoother, so do not refuse a glass of water any time in day.

Water decreases risk of edema

Edema is common disease in pregnancy. Many women said that drinking much water makes the condition of disease more serious, but in fact, that is contrary. Drinking lots water support body to eliminate all toxicant out of the body, avoid creating edema on limbs. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid drinking kinds of water containing caffeine and alcohol.

Scientific timetable for drinking water in day

You need to note that do not wait to be thirsty to drink water, but you should drink according to schedule as below:

·         6:30am – 7:00am: After sleeping, your body really needs water. Drink a glass of 250 ml water right after getting up on order to filter cleanly liver and kidneys. Do not rush to have breakfast at least half an hour after drinking water. Let water be absorbed into each cell in your body.

·         8:00am – 9:00am: Moving to the office every morning will probably bring you lots of stress and cause dehydration for your body. Take a glass of water at office to get refreshment of your body back to begin a new working day.

·         11:00am: After a few hours of working in closed room, heat from machines in office and stuffed air will dry your skin. Drink water to motorize your body and reduce stress of work.

·         1:00pm: Drinking water after lunch is not only good for digestion, but also helps you keep in well sharp.

·         3:00pm4:00pm: In the afternoon, many people feel asleep and cannot concentrate on work. Stand up and drink a glass of water will help you retrieve balance.

·         5:00pm: A glass of water before leaving office will help you reduce feeling of hunger and fatigue. That is especially good for dieters in the evening.

·         9:00pm10:00pm: Drinking water from half an hour to one hour in advance sleeping will prevent risk of blood clots.

Pregnant women should divide time for drinking water reasonably.

Pregnant women should divide time for drinking water reasonably.

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