Esophageal cancer is the forth malignant pathology after digestive cancer such as stomachic cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer.

The majority of cases of esophageal cancer have poorly clinical manifestations in early stage, so that it’s easy to be confused with other pathologies in esophagus and throat; more clearly clinical manifestations are usually in late stage, so treatment is difficult. This disease is occurred with the old, over 50 years old, male more than female. Therefore, early detection to have appropriate and prompt treatment is very important.

Feel hurt when swallow can be sign of esophageal cancer.

Feel hurt when swallowing can be sign of esophageal cancer.

Causes and motivating factors

Esophageal cancer is concerned much with old and gender, it is often in the old, about 80% of the patients who are diagnosed esophageal cancer are 55 – 85 years old. Males have three times as risk of disease as females; the original cause of this disease is by abusing wine and cigarette. Smoking cigarette increases obviously the risk of cancer and the risk goes up more and more if combining with wine.

Moreover, there are other cases, esophageal cancer is often found at those who are obesity, have esophageal pathologies such as reflux oesophagitis, achalasia; have diet with less cellulose, vegetables and fruits, lack of vitamin A, B2 and C; eating foods containing nitrosamine such as bacon, pickled vegetables…

Some other diseases can be premise for development of esophageal cancer such as esophageal Barrett, small bowel, celiac by gluten, thickens of the sole.

Esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers in females.

Esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers in females.

What are manifestations?

Difficult swallow is the most frequently symptom. At the first time, patients feel difficult to swallow but not pain, then difficult to swallow coming with pain; at first, difficult to swallow with rigid foods, and then with liquid foods, and even with saliva.

Discharging saliva often goes with smell breath, heartburn and choke. Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable while eating. When cancer spreads, you have chest pain.

Weight loss is significant symptom caused by lose appetite and difficult swallow, so patients are usually suffered from dehydration and fatigue.

Anemia is light and occurs slowly but sometimes bleeding clearly causing acute anemia; especially in case that cancer goes into main artery leading to bleed in esophagus and sudden death.

Other symptoms can go with the development of tumor such as feeling of entanglement, heaviness and dull ache pressing on sternum. After that, depend on effect of tumor on near organs, patients can have shortness of breath, hoarseness, cough, phlegm, epigastria pain, nausea, vomiting, and hiccough.

To prevent esophageal cancer, you need to avoid smoking cigarette, decrease wine and harmful foods, control and prevent esophageal pathologies. Increase protective factors by eating more vegetables and fruits, supplementing vitamin and necessary trace elements especially vitamin A, B2, C, E, and selenium. For patients who have other esophageal pathologies, you need to make endoscopy of stomach and esophagus regularly every 6 months to 1 year in order to control, and early find out signs of esophageal cancer, then having early treating method to make better result.

What to do to diagnoses?

Early diagnoses of esophageal cancer is very important, it is concerned with periodic health examination in those who have high risk of esophageal cancer as the old, smokers, alcoholism, obesity, and having previously esophageal pathologies such as gastro-esophageal reflux, metaplasia and dysplasia of esophageal mucosa. When finding out any doubtful signs, patients need to see doctors to be checked and diagnosed early. Diagnosing esophageal cancer is based on symptoms combining with X-ray and other tests. Endoscopy coming with biopsy and ultrasound is the best method to diagnose early and exactly esophageal cancer.


Baryt X-ray of esophagus should be taken on lying position; Baryt in highly mucous level can show hard image of a part of esophagus, narrow image of esophagus, image of tumor occupying esophagus, being asymmetric and having rough edge.

When tumor spreads, patients feel chest pain.

When tumor spreads, patients feel chest pain.

CT density

It helps to diagnose more early and exactly than Baryt X-ray, especially when tumor spreads into esophageal wall. Moreover, it also finds metastasis into mediastinum.


Esophageal endoscopy with biopsy is compelling test in case that the images of endoscopy or Baryt X-ray cannot identify disease. They also support to evaluate level of cancer’s spread and nature of tumor. Furthermore, combining endoscopy and cytology dye give positive result with cancer up to 90% of cases.

Ultrasound through endoscopy

This method diagnoses more sensitively than scanner. It also helps to anticipate depth of tumor which spreads into esophageal wall up to 80% of cases, and evaluate penetration of cancer into esophageal lymph nodes better than scanner.


Depend on specific cases, nature and developing stage of tumor, and whole body condition to choose appropriate treatment. At present, there are 3 common methods to treat esophageal cancer including operation, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. In which, operation is main treatment; it can combine with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Moreover, you need to support your body during treatment by suitable foster, curing symptoms and decreasing side effects of treatment caused by chemicals and radiation.


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