Some women have strict schemes which limit their practice time. Some practice before going to work (5-8 A.M) or after work (5-8 P.M). It is not really a bad habit.

Studies illustrate that who practice some sports before having breakfast will burn more ample fat in a day. Meanwhile, the gold hours for practicing sports focus much on toughness, durability and strength.   

If you have to jog outside right before sunrise and after sunset, one of the problems you should pay attention to is safety: bad vision, rush-hour traffic, or deserted streets will increase your possibility of being hurt or accidents. Some practical solutions that will help you to ease your worries are as follows.

Description: Night moves

Night moves

Make full use of light reflection

If you want people to see you from a far distance during your practice, get dressed with clothes made of luminous material. They will be very effective because they will reflect the light at long wavelength, making the clothes brighter than the brain’s process. Because brain has the function of positioning people’s motion and reflects different motions of the body (heads, elbows, knees and waists) on brain so driver can see you from a far distance easily. Don’t forget to pay attention to your hip sides: if your clothes have the front and back side luminous material only, it is difficult to realize your image.

Practice in a group

Practicing in a group enables drivers to see you easily and gets rid of being attacked or robbed. In addition, more people will help you to avoid deep holes, roots and other barriers. You can make an appointment with your friends to go jogging together via www.MyRunnersWorld.co.za. If you have to go alone, go jogging in nearby areas or familiar streets; avoid deserted places or notice people about where you will go jogging.

Description: Avoid deserted places or notice people about where you will go jogging

Avoid deserted places or notice people about where you will go jogging

Avoid wearing headsets

Music may help your practice to be more effective and durable but it can distract you as well. In fact, researchers have proved that music is the dangerous source of distracting for walkers. The research showed that runners who use iPod stand 33% possibility of car crashing when crossing streets. Similarly, 25% is for ones who are texting and 12% for ones who are using mobile phones. If you can’t practice without music, reduce your volume and use one headset only. 

Bring necessary stuffs

You may feel weird when running with a mobile phone. But you should really keep ID card and a list of emergency numbers with you. Save ICE (in case of emergency) numbers in your phone.

Preventing risks

Most accidents happening to walkers take place from sunset to 9 p.m. If possible, try to practice within sidewalk areas, or paths for bicycle. Be careful in zebra crossings or roundabouts, and pay much attention when crossing turnings. Drivers tend to look ahead instead of keep an eye on other directions.   

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