We usually get into the situation of sitting next to a person with a running nose, or flu or coughing, and you doubt that you will be the next victim. The fact is you catch the flu no because of you don’t prevent it, but the bacteria appear everywhere. However, you can prevent the flu easily with some tips


1.   Wash hands many times

Description: Wash your hands carefully and frequently.

Wash your hands carefully and frequently.

The top solution protecting you from the flu is washing your hands carefully and frequently with some soap and clean water. You should rub your palms hard, fingers and backs of hands in at least 20 seconds. If there is not a restroom, wash your hands quickly with 60% alcohol.

2.   Humidify the air

Humid air can do harm to flu viruses. Scientists don’t figure out the reason why but there is a fact that the particles containing viruses float more easily in dry air, which helps the viruses to live longer. In humid environment, these particles become heavier and fall down to the ground. Therefore, invest in an air-humidifying machine and maintain 40-60% humidity.   

3.   Avoid drinking too much wine

Wine may weaken the function of leukocytes against the invasion of viruses within 24 hours after you are drunk. Therefore, you should cut down on drinking when you catch the flu.  

4.   Sleep more

People who sleep fewer than 7 hours per night stand 3 times higher chance than people sleeping more than 8 hours. When you don’t sleep, your body releases a lot of cytokines – a protein which stimulate flu symptoms when you catch it.

Description: Sleep more

Sleep more

5.   Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

Find the anti-oxidization food in bright-colored vegetables and fruits, and it’s good for your immunity. They destroy the free roots which are harmful to immunity. You can eat more red beans, or baccate fruit (the brighter the fruit is, more anti-oxidization compound it contains) and drink green tea.

A virus life cycle

When you catch the flu, you may experience these periods

Day 1

Someone coughs and sneezes and the viruses are brought to the trolley handle of a shopping mall. You take the handle and bring the viruses to your dinner. You rub your eyes or pick your nose, and this is the chance for viruses to enter your respiratory system. Now, in nose cavity, viruses start to multiply quickly and lock the acute immunity system.

Day 2

You feel normal while the viruses invade throughout your lung. At this time, you can infect others.

Day 4

You realize it with symptoms such as: running nose, coughing – the most visible symptoms caused by viruses’ attack immunity system. If you can’t get rid out of these symptoms completely, relax, drip-feed and wait.

Day 5

If you catch a cold, the worst thing has gone. Now, you can’t infect anymore although your nose is still running. If you catch the flu, you will feel very tired with heaps of symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. during next days because your immunity system is overloaded.  

Day 10

You still can infect 1 week after the first symptom appeared. You should cough or sneeze into the handkerchiefs to avoid infecting. And, you had better to relax at home until you complete get rid of it.

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