Pregnancy is a time of happiness but also the time when many pregnant women carry on their responsibilities.

Description: Six principles that pregnant woman must not ignore

Six principles that pregnant woman must not ignore

Therefore, to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and for the baby to be born the best, pregnant women should follow the principles as below:

1.     Periodically prenatal care

This is a work that entirely benefit for you and utmost important. Basing on prenatal care, pregnant women will know babies' development as well as the physical changes of themselves. Just have signs of pregnancy, you should test for pregnancy and if positive, contact doctor to get the scientific and thoughtful guidance.

Moreover, pregnant women need to take whole body checkup, blood and urine tests, and vaccinate necessary vaccines.

Description: Periodically prenatal care is an important task of pregnant women.

Periodically prenatal care is an important task of pregnant women.

2.     Pay attention to eating problems

As mentioned above, it is best to contact your obstetrician to receive the consultancy. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Eat more foods rich in nutrients, especially folic acid and iron. The demands of the body as well as the development of the fetus will cause you to absorb more than 300 calories. However, limit foods that contain vitamin A because too much vitamin A will harm babies.

3.     Exercise

Gentle exercise has many benefits for both mothers and babies. Moreover, it also helps your body back to perfect like the time before pregnancy after you bear. These exercises will help the abdominal and back muscles strong. Practicing yoga, walking, swimming and cycling at home, and so on are things that pregnant women are able to perform regularly. You should stop exercising if you feel any dangerous signs such as pain or suffocation.

You should go to prenatal classes to have the best scientific guides.

4.     Rest

When you're pregnant, listen to your body. Let take a rest if you feel need to rest. When you lie, you should lie on your left side to blood flow to the fetus more convenient, reduce edema of the body. You can sleep more at night and take a nap during the day.

Description: When you're pregnant, listen to your body

When you're pregnant, listen to your body.

5.     Take medicine

For each drug, you need your doctor's advice before using. Not arbitrarily using medicine or multivitamin without your doctor's instructions.

6.     Things not to do

Tobacco, alcohol and anything that is harmful to the fetus should be limited. The amount of caffeine should be reduced. Do not eat raw meat, meat, and undercooked seafood. Avoid pets, use gloves when gardening. Do not have hot bath, sauna, or do exercise when it gets too hot.

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