In the 34th week, fetus is in handstand position and can still change position.

Overall development

34-week fetuses are ready to go out – their heads face down. At that time, they look plumper by fat layers under skin. Their skin is also less red, less wrinkle, and smoother.

From this week, doctors begin paying attention to babies’ position for coming weeks because some babies can turn 180o (head turns upwards) whenever in this period.

A 34-week fetus is equal to a long pumpkin.

A 34-week fetus is equal to a long pumpkin.

Fetus’ crania still does not have combination; parts of crania still separate so that babies can move through narrow cervix. But other bone in their body is harder and harder. Neurons in baby’s brain develop quickly in order to support to complete their senses. Especially, apple of the eyes can stretch to help babies recognize shapes.  

If you get premature birth at that time, your children can totally stabilize their lives without support of medical facilities. In some cases, babies can have to breathe oxygen in the first days. However, there are no problems to worry about their health.

Fetal size

In the 34th week, fetuses weigh about 2.1 – 2.8 kg and have length of about 44 – 45 cm from head to heel (from head to buttock is about 31 – 32 cm).

 the 34th week of pregnancy.

the 34th week of pregnancy.

Mother’s symptoms

If this is the first time of childbirth, baby’s head can fall down pelvic hole and hit into uterus. If this is next childbirth, this symptom occurs before laboring about 1 week and sometimes happens when the labor begins.

If you feel babies kicking inside at lower position compared with abdomen and pelvis, they may be breech; but you can be assured because they will turn back before birth.

In the 34th week, babies face their heads downwards.

In the 34th week, babies face their heads downwards.

Navel of pregnant women rises up, sometimes they feel itch and uncomfortable; therefore, they need to cover it.

Note that legs, hands, face, and ankles can be swelled. This is water retention of the body and it is usually getting worse at the end of day. The reason is body holds water in the last period of pregnancy.

To reduce edema, doctors recommend that pregnant women should drink water frequently and regularly; it is not only good for amniotic and baby, but also ease mother’s discomfort.

To prevent water retention, pregnant women can eat much garlic, onion, and parsley – that sounds strange but these smelly vegetables are very useful for treating this symptom.

However, if hands or face are swelling and puffy, you should call doctors immediately because it can be sign of preeclampsia.

Things that must be done

Remember schedule of antenatal care according to doctor’s instructions.

Make HSS test before birth immediately.

Keep track of body’s signs because you can labor whenever, especially for women in the first time of pregnancy.

Things that should be done

Make the life simpler. Inventory everything before going shopping. Find a cook who will make meal for you during the first months after childbirth.

Always keep phone number of relatives, doctors, neighbors, and even hospital where you delivery.

Arrange your work to prepare for childbirth.

Note about finance in order not to be worried after birth.

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