To have a healthy baby, right before and during pregnancy, women should remember some small tips as follows.

Stage 1: Prepare for pregnancy

1.      Come to hospital to take overall health check before pregnancy.

Come to hospital to take overall health check before pregnancy.

2.      Begin to habits of healthy eating including high nutritious foods.

3.      Exercises: before pregnancy, you should establish a healthy life by practicing exercise every morning or every evening. According to obstetricians, practicing exercises before having pregnancy will help you keep in shape during pregnancy. Moreover, that also reduces the risk of miscarriage and is proven decreasing complication during and after childbirth.

Women should practice exercises regularly before pregnancy.

Women should practice exercises regularly before pregnancy.

4.      Train yourself.

5.      Eat new foods rich in nutritious you have never taken before.

6.      Refer to some pregnant books.

7.      Use other contraceptive methods instead of taking birth control pills as before.

8.      Stop smoking cigarette immediately when you have plan of pregnancy.

9.      Complement vitamins before childbirth. You can take vitamins follow doctor’s instructions and be sure to add enough 0.4 mg acid folic every day.

10.   Require husband to accept new changes about eating and daily habits to help you have the best health.

11.   Track cycle of menses. You need to have knowledge on your menses’ cycle to know time when the ova fall in order to conceive easily.

12.   If you are careful person, you should take general health check before having pregnancy.

13.   Consult parents and friends before pregnancy.

14.   Avoid contacting with chemicals which can harm babies. They can be in your house, where you live or where you work, so being careful.

15.   Remember to have dental check before being pregnant, and brush teeth regularly.

16.   Visit doctor whenever you think you are pregnant during period of trying to conceive. That will prevent damage for babies if you do not know you are pregnant.

17.   Avoid cat excrements.

18.   Remember that you can try up to 1 year to be pregnant, so do not worry if you are not pregnant after 6 months. However, if you are over 35 years old, you should consult doctors when not having results after 6 months of trying to be impregnated. 

Inform to relatives when you sure you are pregnant.

Inform to relatives when you sure you are pregnant.

19.   Do not drink wine even when you are trying to be impregnated because according to recent research, alcohol can cause birth defects in fetus.

20.   Inform good news to relatives and friends when you are impregnated successfully.

Stage 2: Pregnancy

21.   Talk to your parents to learn good experience in taking care of pregnant women.

22.   Take a rest whenever you can.

23.   Create habits of reading magazine or join in pregnant blog.

24.   Search methods that help to reduce morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, and constipation.

25.   Drink 6-8 glass of water every day. Needs of water during pregnancy are more than usual (about 2-2.5 liters).

26.   Read your favorite book to entertain.

27.   Take part in yoga class or any exercises for pregnant women before childbirth.

28.   Realize sufficiently all appointments with obstetricians. That will ensure you are in healthy pregnancy, or discover early abnormal signs of fetus.

29.   Participate in any antenatal classes.

30.   Remember to supplement 300-500 calories every day during pregnancy.

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