Mother! Your baby will have the size of a pomegranate at the 21st week.

Description: At the 21st week, baby has the size of a pomegranate

At the 21st week, baby has the size of a pomegranate

Fetal development

The 21-week embryo begins to have white fluid that surrounds the baby’s body and helps save baby in amniotic fluid environment. This fluid will exist with baby till it comes into the world.

At this period, iron is an essential nutrient creating erythrocytes and other kinds of cells. Your baby’s eyelids are present now. You have almost started to feel your baby’s movements well. If the baby is a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well and develop till birth.

While baby’s digestive system continues to be perfected, baby absorbs most of calories contained amniotic fluid. This swallowing action is done more and more to support baby’s complete digestion. Moreover, water in amniotic fluid will be absorbed into baby’s body through its intestine.

At this time, fetus no longer grows at breakneck speed in comparison with the previous period but is still in rapid development threshold. The completion of various organs in the body is an important mission of fetus at this stage.

During this time, the most prominent feature of baby is its ability to swallow. Baby can swallow nutrients since it is in the womb. You will have a closer look at this through ultrasound.

Baby size

In 21-week of pregnancy, your baby is about 18cm long from the top of head to rump, weighs about 360g and increases steadily. By way of comparison, baby is with pomegranate.

Description: The size of fetus: 18cm

The size of fetus: 18cm

Description: Baby weighs 360g.

Baby weighs 360g.

Mother’s physical changes

Heartburn and indigestion are common symptoms during this period. So, pregnant women should avoid spicy foods and greasy foods.

Braxton Hicks contractions appear – practice for birth process in the future.

Dry skin and itchiness appears

What to do

Go to periodical pregnancy test on schedule.

Drink much water than usual.

Clean after urinating and wear big-size clothes.

The best things you should

Start to follow a doctor during pregnancy and schedule a birth place.

Take pictures capturing pregnant moments.

Talk with your baby daily.

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