Fruits are very good for our health. However, they cause side-effects if being eaten too many.

Description: Hypertensive patient should not eat too many fruits.

Hypertensive patient should not eat too many fruits.

Don’t eat so many plums

Plum is the fruit which contains much of acid being likely to resolve calcium, phosphorus and protein in body. Losing a great amount of these substances will cause illness.

A lot of acid are not beneficial to your digestive system. In addition, acid also decays tooth root, especially for children, eating plenty of plums is easy to have teeth decay.

Eating so many tangerines is harmful for stomach

According to many experts’ researches, you should only eat three tangerines per day at most to complement enough vitamin C content your body needs. Eating many of tangerines will be harmful for your palate and teeth.

Especially, you had better avoid eating this fruit during the hungry time because acid of tangerine juice will strongly stimulate stomach membrane and affect its normal digestive absorbency.

Description: Everyone shouldn’t eat over three tangerines per day

Everyone shouldn’t eat over three tangerines per day

Water melon causes a chill on the stomach

Water melon helps us refresh. In hot days, water melon is the great choice but often eating it will not be good due to its cold property. Especially, persons who have bad digestive system, pee much at night, and have heterosexual should limit to eat water melon too much.

Persimmon obstructs digestion

Vitamin and protein are plentiful in persimmon. When they combine with acid, they will form insoluble substance, be deposited into tiny stones and be eliminated through defecating. Eating many persimmons will increase deposition, accumulate many bigger stones which are hard to get out and make digestion be obstructed.

Especially, don’t eat persimmons in your hungry state because the more acid is at that time, the more deposition is. In contrast, if eaten after a meal, the acid will be used up by the food, less combine with the persimmon’s glue, and there is no deposition.

Aromatic banana inhibits blood vessel 

Banana has the high magnesium content. If you eat a lot of them while being hungry, the magnesium content increases dramatically, makes the imbalance between the rate of Mg and Calcium, causes inhibition of blood vessel, which is not beneficial to health. So, you had better not eat aromatic banana when hungry.

Description: You shouldn’t eat aromatic banana when hungry.

You shouldn’t eat aromatic banana when hungry.

7 forbidden reasons for eating jujube

Jujube contains a lot of nutrients and is also a good herbal medicine used in oriental medicine. But if you eat many jujubes or use them wrongly, they will become harmful.

Thus, 7 conditions for not eating jujube are as followed: full stomach, children’s acute gingivitis, pimple rash itching, toothache, tooth decay, jaundice, and constipation.

People catching coronary artery disease should not eat many fruits

As mentioned, eating fruit in moderate amount will nourish the body as organic acids, inorganic salts, vitamins and cellulose... Nevertheless, the more patients with coronary artery disease, hypertension, and cardiovascular problem eat fruits, the worse their healthy conditions are.

In addition, fruits also contain many kinds of sugars such as: fructose, glucose, sucrose... If you eat more, these substances will increase the amount of cholesterol in blood; have negative impact on patients’ health.

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