Everybody wants to be healthier and give their body that extra something it needs to perform better. You should be getting all the nutrients your body needs by eating foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. However, the truth is most of us don't eat as well as we should because we're too busy with our jobs, raising kids, and other obligations.

This is the reason vitamins are so desirable now a days as more and more people want to be as healthy as they can be. The problem most people run into when they start taking daily vitamins is they're not sure which ones they should be taking. There are a wide variety of vitamins out there so its easy to get confused and not be sure you're buying the right ones.

Even though, there are more vitamins out there than you can count you only need certain ones to give your body everything it needs daily for optimum health. This article will let you know which vitamins are the most important you should be buying to supplement your health.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is definitely needed on a daily basis since it helps you see better, keep your skin healthy, boost immune system, and support your red blood cells. If your body lacks vitamin A you'll end up with poor vision and make yourself vulnerable to a host of illnesses.

Women are advised to take daily vitamin A supplements to help prevent yeast infections, breast cancer, promoting healthy pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Men are advised to take daily vitamin A supplements in order to improve their sperm count.

Even though vitamin A is an essential nutrient that you need in your daily diet you shouldn't overdo it. Taking too much vitamin A supplements can cause bones to weaken and fracture. You shouldn't take no more than 3,000 IU each day to avoid over consumption.

If you take multivitamins look for the ones that have at least twenty percent of vitamin A or beta-carotene in it. The best time to take this vitamin is right after you eat something because it is a fat soluble that will absorb better when you have something in your stomach. If you take the vitamin without eating first you may not get the full benefits before it passes through your body.

B Vitamins

B vitamins or vitamin B is a variety of vitamins that include vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B7, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12. Every one of these vitamins serve a specific purpose for your body. Vitamin B will help your body convert food into energy to fight off fatigue, promote healthy red blood cells, strengthen your metabolism, reduce your chances of developing certain illnesses, stop depression, help prevent birth defects, and much more.

The reason why people don't get enough B vitamins is because you can't get enough of this vitamin in the foods we eat. Vitamin B is eliminated from foods as we cook or bake them. People who eat fast food a lot don't get any vitamin B since processed foods don't contain any that our body can use.

All of these B vitamins work together in order to give our body a great combination to help improve our overall health. If you only take just a couple B vitamins your body's metabolism could suffer. This is why you have to make sure you're taking all B vitamins in a balanced way to benefit our bodies the best.

When you are looking for good vitamin B supplements always go with the one that has all the B vitamins in a balanced form. Just like vitamin A supplements it is best to take vitamin B supplements right after you ate so your body can absorb it properly. If you take these supplements on an empty stomach you won't get the benefits you're looking for.

Take at least 100% daily dosage of this supplement. If you think your body is a little sluggish lately take up to 500% daily B vitamin supplement to give yourself an energy boost.

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