Some tips will help pregnant woman and baby be healthy during 9 months and 10 days.

Pregnancy is an interesting experience in woman’s life. Although someone will undergo a difficult time of morning sickness, fatigue, body pain, and so on, they always desire their baby to be the healthiest.

So how to the mums-to-be health and babies develop the best throughout 9 months and 10 days?

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Periodically pregnant test is very important

Eat well

A healthy and balanced diet in pregnancy is the first thing the mums-to-be should do to help the babies have the best development. How is the healthy and balanced diet? The meals must have enough cereals (rice), protein, healthful fatty acids, fruits and vegetables.

Remember that the healthy and balanced diet not only supports the babies to perfectly develop but also helps the pregnant women have an appropriate weight gain.

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A healthy and balanced diet in pregnancy is the first thing the mums-to-be should do

Exercise regularly

According to the obstetricians, the pregnant women should spend 30-60 minutes per day practicing exercises. However, you should choose the mild sports such as swimming, walking, and yoga to secure for mums and babies.  Kegel lesson assists to strengthen the pelvic floor and have a delivery more easily.

Vitamin supplements

The pregnant women should supplement multivitamin as soon as they have pregnant plan or know about appearance of the babies. The added vitamins include vitamin A, D, E and K in order to prevent birth defects. Folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids are important for the development of baby’s nervous system. Putting in calcium in pregnancy makes your bone and baby’s stronger.

Take part in the antenatal class

The obstetricians in the antenatal classes will provide the information on pregnancy, the way to delivery and take care of the newborns, so the mums-to-be shouldn’t miss these classes. You can join with your husband in order to not feel strange when looking after your first child.

Alcohol and coffee

Alcohol, smoking, cigarette’s smoke, and nicotine can go through placenta and effect directly to the development and the improvement of unborn baby. The obstetricians say that alcohol can increase the risk of physical and mental birth defects, as well as the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) – really dangerous for baby.

Organize screening tests

Most of the pregnant women are required to make the screening test in the first 3 months including ultrasound scans and nuchal translucency screenings. You shouldn’t miss any tests because they will identify abnormalities early. The doctors can offer others tests depending on your profile, history of your family, or your health.

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Try to have an appointment with doctors or midwives right time

Go and see doctors and midwives regularly

You try to have an appointment with doctors and midwives regularly and keep contact with them in a matter of great urgency. That will help the doctors and you understand deeply about pregnancy. In each appointment, don’t forget to ask doctors matters about your pregnancy!

Avoid stress

Stress in pregnancy can tend to unbalanced hormones effecting to the development of baby. Therefore, the pregnant women need to keep the positive thinking and require the support from other people to feel the most comfortable.

Attend to the environment

In the pregnancy, you would be careful about food hygiene (clean fruits and vegetable before eating), create fresh and pure environment for breath and living. Both you and your baby have a weak resistance, so try to keep yourselves safely.

Drink enough water

Water is very important for your body. It maintains blood volume and ensures provide enough nutriment for your baby. Drinking enough water decreases considerable premature birth. You need to drink 2 – 2.5 liters of water a day.

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