Some foods make you excited but can cause addiction in long time.

Description: There are many people addicting fast foods.

There are many people addicting fast foods.

Precooked foods often gather enough sugar, salt, and fat which make your body difficult to digest as protein, fabric, and water. Their appearance also causes you easily to addict foods if you do not pay attention to diet.

Women are in higher risk of addicting foods than men because they trend to limit to eat or diets at first, then eat too much. The brain will develop sensitive relationship during your food addiction with unhealthy parts in following foods.

1.     White bread

White bread is made from refined flour which is removed bran, germ, and all nutrients in bread. That food is always available in fridge, easy to store, and tempt you most. Limit white bread or change to whole wheat bread is the best way to balance the weight.

2.     Donuts

Sugar is the element that has high potential for addiction. Some researches on mice show that when they eat a lot of sugar, an amount of dopamine is produced. A neuroscientist and professor on researching addictive food says that producing dopamine in the body more and more is the same as you are abusing some drugs.

3.     Pasta

Pasta in Italian means kinds of noodles made from wheat. They are produced with butter, salt, and cheese. The founder and director of Arizona Medical Center at Arizona University indicates that choosing high quality Spenta or cooking follow Pasta al dente recipe (method to reduce blood sugar) and using olive oil to increase nutrition in pasta are things you should apply to limit addiction this food.

4.     Cake

The attraction of many kinds of cake make you easily eat too much. Sugar outside cake is concerned to obesity, diabetes, and symptoms of digestibility that you should be careful of.

5.     Chew candies

High rate of fat and salt, adding oil in chew candies, and other ingredients printed on package will cause addiction to you. Handmade chew candies with natural salt and limiting oil is the effective way if you are fan of candies.

Description: Chew candy is one of foods that many people are excited about.

Chew candy is one of foods that many people are excited about.

6.     Cookies

Cookies are foods that produce dopamine causing appetite in the body. When you enjoy cookies, the body will need to eat more and more. That is the reason why cookies are never enough for you.

7.     Chocolate

The research published in 1997 in international magazine Psychophysiology indicated that chocoholics in chocolate was identified that it caused the same physical, behaving, and emotional reactions as controlling addicts. Black chocolates with high level of cacao will bring some benefits for health; however, chocolate with solid milk, oil, fat, and sugar is the reason why you cannot stop thinking about them.

8.     French fries

French fries are huge pressure for diet people. This kind of food concentrates the series of three elements including sugar, fat, and salt.

9.     Candies

The General Headquarter of Psychiatry Faculty in Florida University who conducted some researches on food addiction during 30 years has identified that contacting with sugar foods in mother’s body and through childhood will make the feeling of sugar appetite greater when babies grow up. If you do not attend to your or your children’s diet, you can become addicted to sweet.

10.  Ice cream

Summer or winter, ice cream is also a favorite food. Let’s choose fresh or pure ice cream to avoid unnecessary additives and protect your body.

Description: Many people like eating ice cream both in the summer and in the winter.

Many people like eating ice cream both in the summer and in the winter.



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